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Expert London Pest Control Solutions

Diamond Pest Control London offer complete solutions for preventing pests and eradicating them from homes and business premises. We cover a wide variety of clients. including residential properties, shops, restaurants, warehouses, pubs, offices and more. We carry out intensive treatments, and offer service contracts. We also provide a 24 Hour Emergency Pest Control call out facility (which we will respond to rapidly) across all areas. We have qualified surveyors and technicians that carry out pest control in London. After every procedure, we leave a written report with details of pesticides used and work carried out. Our reports also include any advice that will minimise the risk of future infestations. All treatments comply with current Health and Safety legislation and COSHH.

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COVID Secure Practices

During the pandemic, we are fully committed to following COVID secure practices as strictly as possible. With that in mind, we take the utmost care when we are at your property, giving you peace of mind at all times. In addition to maintaining social distance and hygiene, we use PPE when we are working. Our employees are also tested for COVID-19 on a weekly basis. We take health and safety and the protection of our customers and staff very seriously.

Full Liability Insurance

We have full liability insurance that covers up to 5 million pounds at Diamond Pest Control London. This offers peace of mind to our trained staff, our customers and the general public. We pride ourselves in showing the highest level of customer service possible, and we aim to leave every client feeling happy with the service provided.

Whether you need emergency rat control, a wasp nest removed or an exterminator for mice, rats, moths, pigeons, cockroaches or any other pests, Diamond Pest Control have tailored treatments to deal with any pest problems you maybe encountering. Our treatments are carried out promptly, effectively and with the utmost professionalism.

Should you require a free site survey and quotation or any advice, get in touch. We are confident that we will solve your pest problems. Diamond Pest Control can help. Call today on 0208 889 1036 for a free quote for 24 Hour Pest Control in London today!

Residential Pest Control

residential pest control

We offer a full range of pest removal and control services that can help get rid of squirrels, rodents, foxes, cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, wasps and numerous other types of pests too. All types of home are covered by our services. Whether you are a family homeowner or a landlord, we can offer a fully bespoke London pest control service. We always aim to fit the specific requirements of our customers. You have no need to worry. Regardless of the pest control solutions you need, Diamond provide the ideal services to help you out.

All our technicians are fully trained and can inform you about our pest control treatments and pest removal techniques. Our technicians have all been fully vetted. They take their work very seriously, and give you the safest and most effective service possible. Our staff will always be courteous and polite. They appreciate how difficult it is when pests invade your home and want to help you get rid of them as quickly as possible. And with as little disruption to your daily routine as possible.

Commercial Pest Control

commercial pest control

Your reputation is at stake, along with damage to stock and property, when you have pests. For London business and commercial premises, our team at Diamond Pest Control provide a full range of pest removal and control services. Our knowledgeable and qualified pest technicians will visit your premises and offer expert advice and recommendations. It goes without saying that you want your customers to learn about your services, not the issues you’ve had with pests.

Once we have inspected your properly, we will create a plan specifically for your property and business. That will include regular inspections of the premises and the installation of special equipment for preventing and eliminating pests. Every time we visit, we will check our equipment and provide replacements if necessary. Your property will receive, as part of the contracts we provide, a monitoring system that tracks pests. It will also help you to establish a discreet method your employees can use to report instances of pests.

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Service Excellence

Not only are we incredibly proud of how effective our services and solutions are, but we have extensive customer feedback and reviews to support this. We make sure that the exterminators we employ are qualified to use the most up to date and cutting-edge technologies, techniques and products for eradicating pests. Because of this, you can always be sure you will get the best service for dealing with pests in the London area. Our technicians not only provide a high level of work, but also are friendly and helpful. At Diamond Pest Control we will always listen to your questions and queries and give our qualified opinions and advice. Find out more about Diamond and how we can eradicate any pests you currently have, and also ensure that they don’t return. Get in contact for a free consultation with our team today!

Monitoring & Tracking

We will keep you in the loop about developments, particularly if the situation changes for the better. You will also be told if there are things that could be done to help your business premises better avoid pests becoming a problem. For instance, modifications to the building structure that could stop pests from gaining access to the property.

Whether you have a moth infestation or need wasp nest removal, be sure to give Diamond a call for 24 hour emergency help, to arrange a suitable appointment for your free site survey, or just to get advice. Our number is 0208 889 1036.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have technicians covering London and the surrounding home counties. We always try our best to get a technician out on the day or, if not, the following morning. If the client is available, and the distance and timing works, we can usually have one of our technicians arrive at your property within the hour if this is required.

We carry out emergency services and we have someone answering calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This ensures that we can provide pest control services through the night and during bank holidays and weekends. There is a team available to carry out any emergency pest control treatments. During the day we always have standby appointments should there be an issue that needs to be dealt with as an emergency.  As we work with animals/insects and some pests are nocturnal, it is impossible to pre-empt when they will infest a property or when they will make an appearance. The emergency service that we provide is there for such eventualities.

All our technicians are fully trained and qualified to carry out treatments for wasps’ nest. It is a very effective treatment with a 100% success rate and we offer a guarantee on all the wasps nest that we treat. We target the inside of the nest directly and all the wasps that are in the nest at the time of treatment. The treatment contaminates the nest and usually within four hours you won’t see any further wasps.

We treat all types of pests: ants, moths, bedbugs, fleas, carpet beetles, squirrels, cockroaches, pigeons, wasps, bees, rats, mice, foxes, all stored product insects, maggots and all types of insects and flies. We are able to identify all types of pest, so if our customer has a pest and they are not sure what it is, they can send us a picture and our field biologist will be able to identify it.

We cover all areas of London and surrounding home counties. Our technicians are based at different points throughout London which allows them to get to properties around London in the quickest way possible.  Our technicians are situated in North, South, East and West London to enable a prompt response.

The first step to treating rodents is to identify what type of rodent is causing the infestation. Mice, rats and squirrels require similar treatments but require designated rodenticides to target them effectively.

If there are a large number of rodents in the property, immediate extraction may be required and a sticky board treatment may be suitable. We use lockable bait stations and trays with rodenticide to treat rodents. The rodenticides we use come in different forms; pastes, grain, blocks and jellies. Sometimes we may use to use traps but they tend not to be as effective as poisons. Once the treatment is completed, our technician will carry out rodent proofing using steel mesh, wire wool and expanding foam. Proofing is always carried out on the last visit. Our rodent treatments comply with all current health and safety legislations.

Our team of surveyors have a broad range of knowledge on UK pests. Usually a telephone triage is enough to identify your pest. If for any reason our surveyor is unsure on the identification he may suggest that you send a picture or video for visual identification. Another option is for us to carry out a site survey to effectively identify the pest and the level of infestation. In certain cases our surveyor will collect a sample of the insect whilst carrying out the survey and send it to our field biologist who will be able to identify what type of pest we are dealing with. However, in most of cases this is not necessary.

We cover all types of commercial premises. We have a vast range of commercial properties where we carry out monthly maintenance contacts. We maintain small offices and large commercial office spaces, warehouses, self-storage units, restaurants, bars, care homes etc.  We comply with all health and safety legislation and all our products are passed by MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food).

We offer pest control contracts. This type is service is usually used by commercial properties i.e restaurants, warehouses etc however it is not restricted to these types of establishments and we also have monthly maintenance plans at residential properties. New regulations advise that rodenticides are monitored on a monthly basis.  A report will be made on each visit that will have details of the routine visit and any recommendations. This is left in a contract folder supplied by Diamond Pest Control. This folder will contain COSHH Regulations, Risk Assessment and a Schedule of Pesticides. We also keep an online record of visits.

Yes, we are members of professional bodies. We are a member of the “Federation of Small Businesses”, which aims to be fully representative of the whole UK small business community and to value diversity and inclusion in everything we do. We joined the “Think Wildlife Organisation” whose aim is to promote a Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use which Diamond Pest Control strongly agree with.

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