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10 New Year’s Pest Prevention Resolutions

Sick to death of pests in your home? Then follow these pest prevention tips to make this coming year pest free. They are our top recommended activities that you can do regularly this coming year. In no particular order…

The Most Effective Pest Prevention Tips For 2020

1. Eliminate standing water

Like humans, pest animals need water to live. Wipe up any surfaces where there pools of water. This should include your counters, sinks and even your shower. Also, avoid leaving old cups of tea or unused glasses of water around the house.

2. Start taking the rubbish out more often

Remove household rubbish as often as possible, because it attracts pests. Mice and insects can get through very tight spaces. In addition, they have a keen sense of smell. Therefore, buying a rubbish bin that can close tightly will also go a long way towards pest prevention.

3. Keep your kitchen sparkling

The fact is that many types of pests are attracted to grime, especially in your kitchen. This means that the number one pest prevention method is to keep your kitchen clean.

pest prevention in the kitchen

Clean up after meals and food preparation, and stop leaving crumbs on the counter or floor. Make it your goal to leave the kitchen in pristine condition before you go to bed every night. 

4. Seal up food

Get into the habit of storing your food in plastic containers. Another thing you should do is seal up your pet food. This will help to deter mice and ants. Also, don’t leave food in your pets‘ bowls overnight, especially if those bowls are indoors.

5. Clean up your home

Get into the habit of cleaning more often, and keeping your home clutter free. Remember, pests love dark and hidden places. Therefore, the more clutter you have, the more places there are for them to live and breed.

6. Hoover your carpets

Make a resolution to hoover at least once or twice a week. This is because the cleaner your home is, the less appealing it will be to pests. Therefore, the more times you hoover the better your pest prevention regime will work.

7. Tidy up the garden

Overgrown and badly maintained gardens are magnets for pests. Trim your plants, bushes and trees.

tidying a garden in london

This is especially relevant for those trees, shrubs and plants that are growing right up against your house.

8. Store fire wood better

Fire wood can be a vehicle for bringing insects into your home. When storing firewood, never put it next to your property because it can contain a large number of insects. Keep the wood at least ten feet away from your home, and store it above ground.

9. Clean outdoor furniture

Routinely clean outdoor furniture. The corners are perfect for spiders webs and eggs. So, it is important you don’t bring these indoors. Also, never bring anything you have stored outside indoors before cleaning it thoroughly.

10. Call an exterminator

If, after all this, you’re still having problems maybe it’s time to call a pest prevention expert. Finally, your last New Year’s pest resolution can be to keep Diamond’s phone number handy just in case! Happy New Year everyone and a peaceful 2020 to all our customers.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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