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4 Types Of Moths That Infest Homes

Anyone who has ever dealt with indoor moths will know how much of a pain they can be. These insects take up residence in our cupboards and cause tremendous damage. That being said, not all moths are destructive. Some are actually beneficial. But out of all the types of moths that infest homes, which ones should you be worried about? In addition to this, what can be done about moth control solutions for these destructive pests?

Main types of moths you might find in your house

1. Clothes moths

These are by far the most notorious species of moth. This is simply because they are renowned for chewing holes in clothing. What you may not know if you have a clothes moth infestation is that it’s not actually the adult moths that do this. Instead, it’s the larvae (or caterpillars) which cause the harm.

moth types on clothing.jpg

The easiest safeguard against clothes moths is to simply monitor your cupboards. Check frequently for holes in clothing and take action if moths ar larvae are found. Also avoid storing dirty clothing, as sweat stains attract these moths.

2. House moths

Next on our list of moths that infest homes is the common house moth (or brown house moth). This is by far the most prevalent species of indoor moth, and was first discovered in Europe during the 1800s.

This species is not generally considered a pest if you have one or two in the house, although they are annoying. The problem arises when they become an infestation. Their numbers will grow if left unchecked, and they can cause a real nuisance.

3. Pantry moths

Problem moths are typically associated with feeding on clothing, but their diets can also include other materials. In the case of pantry moths, this consists of grains like cereals, flour, rice and nuts. Along with this, they often eat dried fruit and pasta, birdseed and even pet food.

flour in a london kitchen

While these moths are not known to carry diseases, they can ruin food stocks, causing waste and contamination. For example, when moth larvae feed on our food they usually defecate at the same time. These droppings are often unseen by the naked eye, which means you may accidentally ingest it. Not a pleasant thought!

4. Carpet moths

This species of moths that infest homes is similar to the clothes moths. And just like them, they also feed on natural materials like wool. What’s important to note is that these are not a completely separate species. They are basically the exact same moth.

The reason why there are two names for these moths, is simply down to the places they are found and which of your belongings they are laying eggs in and eating. Moths found in cupboards are clothes moths, and moths found on carpets are carpet moths.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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