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There are various species of ants, among them are pharoah ants, argentine ants, carpenter ants, fire ants etc. The most common garden ants usually nest outdoors in sandy soils but travel widely to look for food, they become a pest when they come into our homes looking for food. Garden ants are normally controlled using residual insecticides in spray and dust form. In homes we would usually treat the kitchen and garden areas where the ants may have originally entered the premises. Our technician will carry out an inspection of your premises prior to any treatment and assess the level and extent of the infestation. Some other types of ants, including pharoah and argentine ants, require a different treatment in order to eradicate them, if you use store bought products on these ants your could make the problem worse. We also treat flying ants which according to reports might become a problem this summer

Call us if you are having a problem with ants our surveyor will answer any questions you may have and advise on ways of preventing ants in the home.

Ant pest control


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