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cockroaches in london

Why So Many Cockroaches in London?

Cockroaches in London are a major problem. They can plague residential and commercial properties alike. They cause diseases and contamination. In fact, it can sometimes

do rats attack humans

Do rats attack humans in the UK?

Unfortunately, the answer to the question do rats attack humans, is sometimes yes. And the experience is definitely something you’ll want to avoid at all

are bed bugs contagious

Are Bed Bugs Contagious?

These creatures tend to spread from home to home like wildfire. And for this reason it might seem as if they are contagious. But are

mouse eating cheese

Mice Infestation Health Risks UK

Mice may not exactly look like the most dangerous animal. They are much smaller than rats and not nearly as disgusting as, say, cockroaches. Looks

DIY sign

The Dangers Of DIY Pest Control

The internet gives us so many different ideas. Nowadays, you can go online and find a guide that claims to treat every single type of

kitchen in a london flat

How To Pest Proof Your Kitchen

Pests and food do not mix. Whether you’re preparing ingredients, cooking or enjoying a meal, the last things you want to be concerned about are

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