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sleeping black fox

Black Fox UK Seen in London Garden!

It’s quite exciting to be able to report an unusual animal sighting in London. The creature we’re referring to is the black fox, one of nature’s rarest creatures. The fox was spotted in Isleworth, West London, and has caused quite a commotion. According to the Black Foxes UK campaign group, sightings have increased across London boroughs in the past few years. However, black foxes are rarely ever seen in the UK, whether that’s urban or rural foxes.

As you know, foxes in the UK are usually coloured red, with white tails and black feet (often referred to as stockings). The reason why some foxes are black is because of something called polymorphism.

How rare are black foxes in Britain?

Polymorphism is essentially a genetic aberration which alters the foxes coat. This phenomena can occur in various different forms. For example, a fox‘s coat can be coloured anywhere between white and black. There are grey foxes, blonde foxes, and also dark and light red foxes. A particularly interesting fact about foxes is that their coats can also be a mixture of these colours. Of these, the black fox is the rarest.

black fox uk

According to experts, less than 0.1% of the fox population have black coats. However, this particular statistic applies only to the black fox UK. In other areas of the world, these foxes are far more common. Although, internationally, foxes come in a variety of colours, in Britain we tend to think of foxes as only being red. For this reason, black foxes are regarded as a thing of myth and legend. Which is why spotting a black fox UK always causes such a sensation.

Other facts about the black fox UK

Another reason why these animals are so rarely seen is simply because of the camouflage provided by their colouring. These foxes blend easily into their urban surroundings after dark, and are more difficult for humans to spot. Sadly, this also means that they are more likely to be hit by cars.

black fox in london garden

Due to the rarity of this creature, the black fox UK should be protected. But what about the fact that foxes of all colours are a nuisance that cause damage and mess? They may be beautiful beasts, but they aren’t something you want in your London garden. So how do you keep them out?

The first step is to secure your bins. Urban foxes, are mostly attracted by the easy availability of food from our rubbish. There are lots of ways to deter foxes from entering your garden, such as sprinklers, and professional fox control measure that can be taken to deal with fox problems in a humane way. You can also make sure that there are no entry points into your garden. Your wall or fence should be free of holes or places where the fox can get in. It’s also a good idea to install lights in your garden and leave them on at night. This will help to scare foxes away.


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