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ants lettering
The UK is home to dozens of ant species. In this post we’ll explain a few interesting facts about some
keep pests out
Most people think that pest control only applies to homes and businesses. What you have to understand is that offices
wasp facts
Wasps are one of nature’s most fascinating insects. Although they can cause a lot of problems for people when wasps
inspection gear
The problem with pests is that they can often be hard to identify. For example, it may be hard to
feeding pigeons in london
Anyone who lives in London knows we have an overwhelming problem with pigeons. But there’s a good reason for this.
rural field mouse
If you live on London, you are probably no stranger to the curse of the dreaded house mouse. But, what
rodents overrun parliament in london
Rodents overrun parliament! So claims a recent national newspaper headline. Turns out it’s true. For example, did you know that
pest control technician
Pest treatment is a difficult undertaking. Besides getting rid of the insects themselves, there is a lot to be said
hotel room in london
There’s really nothing worse than dealing with a bed bug infestation. There are many ways to pick up bed bugs,
house mice
There are dozens of ways to get rid of house mice. As well as using traps and ultrasonic deterrent devices,
pest problemsin flats
Most of the pest problems we encounter are found in commercial properties and residential homes. That also includes a surprisingly
books with silverfish pests
If you have a large book collection, then you may have books that are quite old. And you may have
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