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problems birds cause in london
One common pest control issue that people do not often consider, is that of of birds. These animals are not
row of old houses in london
Do old buildings have more pests? The unfortunate answer is yes. The older a building is, the more likely it
moisture attracting pests
There are dozens of reasons why pests are attracted into homes. These range from things like the availability of food,
fox stature in london garden
Keeping any kind of pest out of your garden can be notoriously difficult, and, when it comes to foxes, that
insects that live in carpet
Carpets help to make our homes look better. But, did you know that there are quite a few insects that
fear of insects
Being nervous around pests and insects is considered normal. The idea of them crawling around or on you can be
rat in london kitchen
Rats are considered one of the most challenging pests. And rightfully so, as they are extremely difficult to get rid
mural of wasp on london house
When you think of household pests, wasps nests may not be something that immediately comes to mind. Most indoor settings
cat kept safe during pest treatment
Pest control is a highly sensitive undertaking, and needs the careful hand of a professional to make sure everyone stays
suitcases catch bed bugs
Bed bugs are one of the worst pests known to man. The main reason is because they interfere with a
lawnmower in london garden
When people think of a rat infestation, they generally imagine this as an indoor problem. But what many people don’t
warehouse in london with pests
If pests are destroying your business, help is only a phone call away. Diamond offer full service commercial pest control
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