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pest problems will cost money
Many of you may be wondering how the coronavirus crisis will affect pest problems. There’s almost no part of society
pest control key workers sign
Good news for UK pest control. After intensive lobbying, our industry is now listed as an essential service. That’s according
london house mice eating best food
Do you have a mouse problem during lockdown? If so, you may have set up traps around your house. Mice
business closed for lockdown
Is business pest control still needed at during this time of crisis? The answer is yes. Just because we’re in
pest control safety questions
Looking for a reliable pest control company can feel like hard work. One thing you should always look out for
stay at home
Pest prevention is more important than ever during the COVID-19 lockdown. We are all spending increased amounts of time at
picture of pasta
Many of us are self-isolating due to coronavirus at the moment. And because of the current lockdown, people have also
pest control during coronavirus
At the moment, the UK is under national lockdown. Schools, universities and many businesses are completely shut down. Some services
bathroom in london flat
There are many reasons why bathrooms are extremely susceptible to pest invasions. The first is that they provide bathroom pests
mattress on a bed
When you have a bed bug infestation, it’s absolutely vital that you carry out proper bed bug mattress disposal. The
Cleaning Carpet for pest control
As Coronavirus hits London, many of us will need to stay at home. The more active among us will be
heat treatment for fleas
Is heat treatment for fleas possible? Not many people know this, but heat is often used to get rid of
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