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london boy with bin
All animals need to eat. And that includes pests. This is the primary reason why some of the UK’s most
restaurant table setting
Pests in restaurants are a major headache for any proprietor. There are a number of pests that plague restaurants and
mouse nest with babies
If there are mice in your home, and you’re attempting to confirm this, it helps to know where to look.
cars in a garage
As you know rats are capable of wreaking havoc in many settings. Wherever they live and nest, these vermin spread
man surrounded by pigeons
London and pigeons go hand in hand. Pigeon problems are synonymous with the city. Images of pigeons in Trafalgar Square
lunch boxes
Pests are highly attracted to food. Especially any food which has been stored in a less than ideal way and
pigeon control in london
Birds can cause thousands of pounds of damage to your property. This means that stopping bird damage is critically important.
rat flaps for drains
You’ve probably read in the media that rat numbers have been going up during the pandemic. The best way to
pest control scams
You may of heard about pest control scams. But do they really exist? The unfortunate answer is yes. The UK
are foxes dangerous to chickens
Believe it or not foxes are actually one of the biggest pests in the UK. But the question is this:
dog outside during pest treatment
Pest control and pets don’t mix well unless you are very careful. This is something very few people think about.
diy your london home
Pest proofing is highly important in autumn. The reason why is simple. During this period, some pests get ready to
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