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rats need winter pest control
Winter Pest Control Should Be Tackled Early
The temperature in and around London continues to drop as winter sets in. You may already have many methods in
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pesticides and brexit
What Could Happen With Pesticides and Brexit?
It’s very easy to think of pest control when it comes to pesticides and Brexit as something that will only
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cockroach allergy image
What Causes Cockroach Allergy?
Almost nobody we speak to can stand the idea of being infested with cockroach. Not only are they unsightly, unhygienic
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repelling rats from garden sheds
Repelling Rats From Garden Sheds
Our sheds make the ideal storage space for all our home and garden maintenance tools. We also use them as
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do wasps hibernate in houses
Do Wasps Hibernate In Houses?
We’re currently having some of the warmer days of autumn. So, it’s no surprise that we, as pest controllers, get
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cleaning supplies
Cleaning After Bed Bug Fumigation
Dealing with bed bugs is never nice. So the last thing you want to do is have to deal with
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squirrel in the grass
How To Deter Squirrels: UK Tips
The sight of squirrels frolicking and playing in the local park is quite fun. But seeing them running around your
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happy halloween
Halloween: Don’t Attract Pumpkin Pests
The clocks have gone back, and we are very much in the heart of autumn. The days are starting to
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how fast do cockroaches spread
How Fast Do Cockroaches Spread?
Whether you are suffering from a cockroach infestation, or are looking to avoid it happening to you, you may be
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london street
How Common Are Mice In London?
Since 2012, mice in London have become increasingly common. As they become more of a pest, more people across the
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