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london map
Most areas of the UK have a number of pest control companies available to residents. These usually break down into
american cockroach
Cockroaches can be found in pretty much every country in the world. There is no place on earth where they
pest control regulations
Believe it or not, the UK has dozens of pest control regulations. These are extremely strict guidelines which need to
squirrel in garden scratching
Are you hearing scratching noises at night? If you’re reading this it’s probably because you’ve been lying awake at night
owl in a london garden
Pesticides and wildlife are a deadly combination. The powerful pesticides used in pest control can be destructive to wildlife. In
blackbird in london garden in winter
Cold weather affects all organisms. This includes insects. But how does the cold affect Winter insects? There are several ways
london panorama
Which are the worst pests in the capital? As pest control specialists, we’re probably the best people to answer this
very messy home
Does clutter attract mice? The unfortunate answer is yes. In fact, large piles of clutter are one of the biggest
bugs in christmas trees
It’s Christmas time again! But, if you’re planning on getting a Christmas tree, then there’s something you need to consider.
urban foxes in london
Urban foxes are a huge problem in some parts of the country. They are a particular menace in London, with
cockroaches in the kitchen
Anyone who has suffered through a cockroach infestation knows these insects seem almost impossible to kill. This is probably one
rats under decking in london
Do you have rats under your decking? If you suspect there are rats under your deck, then it’s important that
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