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summer barbeque with pests
The weather is sizzling, and lockdown is easing even more. This means bringing out the barbeque out of retirement and
How to get rid of flies in restaurant
Anyone who runs a restaurant kitchen will know that flies are the bane of your existence. Many frustrated chefs have
what do wasps eat
What do wasps eat? This is a good question. After all, many people confuse wasps with bees which eat pollen
rat numbers rising
Rising rat numbers has become one of the biggest pest problems during the Coronavirus outbreak. Across cities and urban areas,
london garden overrun with ants
Ants don’t seem like they should be a problem. After all, these insects can provide you with many benefits. They
bees compared to wasps
Now that the weather is warming up, insects in general are being seen more often. This includes the infamous wasp.
lockdown wording
A significant group of pests that have become emboldened by the lockdown are rats. These pests are nocturnal creatures and
menacing looking sea gull
Most people who live in coastal towns are used to these pests swooping down and stealing food. They are certainly
emergency pest control savings
Our service operates 24 hours a day and is available day or night. We offer emergency pest control services to
pest problems will cost money
Many of you may be wondering how the coronavirus crisis will affect pest problems. There’s almost no part of society
pest control key workers sign
Good news for UK pest control. After intensive lobbying, our industry is now listed as an essential service. That’s according
london house mice eating best food
Do you have a mouse problem during lockdown? If so, you may have set up traps around your house. Mice
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