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what do rats do at night
If you know anything about rats, you’ll know these pests are mostly nocturnal. Rats rarely come out during the day,
mattress on a bed
Bed bugs are mostly associated with bed – it’s in the name after all. But did you know that bed
sleeping black fox
It’s quite exciting to be able to report an unusual animal sighting in London. The creature we’re referring to is
ants in your house in spring
Have you noticed there is usually an increase of ants in your house in spring? For many homeowners this can
office in london
What is the best course of action if you see mice at work? This can be a troubling problem. No
hole in clothing caused by moths
Do moths eat clothes? Unfortunately yes, some of them do. The clothes moth‘s main food source are the natural materials
rats keep away
There’s a new way to keep rodents at bay, and it works like a charm. It’s called the rat mat,
man in london
Bed bugs are one of the worst pests you will ever encounter. These pests have plagued mankind for thousands of
can birds damage a roof in london
Can birds damage a roof? Yes, absolutely. In fact, when roof damage occurs, nine times out of ten it’s because
pest infestation sign of ants
How do you know you’re being infested by insects? Well, the biggest problem with insects is that they’re tiny. They
winter fly
One thing you may have noticed is that, generally speaking, insects seem to go away in winter. Whether it’s wasps
london map
Most areas of the UK have a number of pest control companies available to residents. These usually break down into
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