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Calls To Pest Control Companies Rising

The coronavirus outbreak has resulted in pest control companies dealing with a massive increase in calls. All around the UK, phones are ringing off the hook and technicians are pulling out all the stops to handle them. In fact, the demand has risen steeply since the pandemic began.

Why are pest control companies seeing more calls?

As we are all aware, any business not deemed essential was shut down during the lockdown. And at one point, this also included pest control services. We were not allowed to operate for a critical period of time. This was an issue because, unfortunately, the need for pest control is something that never really stops.

Homes and businesses are going to attract pests no matter what. This means you have to periodically take pest control measures. This is the case whether you’re calling in professionals to handle an infestation, or simply performing routine maintenance. Pest control companies understand this.

Some pests can multiply at an alarming rate

This is why the pest control industry began a campaign of intense lobbying to make pest controllers key workers soon after lockdown began. It was important that the government reclassified these services as essential.

rat in a london garden setting

Although this goal was ultimately achieved, it took a lot longer than expected. Rodents and insects that need control like cockroaches had already multiplied. Pest control technicians were starting to get a lot more calls than usual to get rid of them.

Another issue also arose while lockdown was in full swing. During the weeks and months of lockdown, many people were understandably reluctant to let professionals into their homes. And because of this, certain pests were able to breed like wildfire. For example, rat numbers have been up during the pandemic. Not only that, they had unlimited access to businesses, restaurants and other areas that were shut down. What this resulted in was pests exponentially increasing in number.

What’s happening now that lockdown is easing?

These issues are coming to light now that lockdown measures are relaxing. Homeowners are calling pest control to deal with accumulated, worsening pest problems.

post lockdown shop open

Business owners are opening up their premises and discovering major infestations. One of the first things they are doing is calling pest removal services.

Because of this, pest control companies are unusually busy at the moment. Pest control companies warned of this. They knew it might happen, and it seems they were not wrong.

If you are in any of the situations discussed in this post, don’t hesitate to call us. Diamond have a fleet of vehicles and a professional team on hand 24 hours a day. Don’t let pests do any more damage. You can email us through our contact page or call 020 8889 1036 without delay.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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