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Can You Catch Weil’s Disease From Rats?

Rats are considered one of the most challenging pests. And rightfully so, as they are extremely difficult to get rid of. No matter how well you protect your property or rat proof your garden, rats are persistent and hardy pests. Rats cause widespread damage, and are known to carry diseases. For example, these vermin spread things like hantavirus, leptospirosis and salmonella. In addition to this, you can also catch Weil’s disease from rats. This can cause significant problems to your health, as you will soon find out.

Weil’s disease from rats is a serious condition

Weil’s disease from rats is similar to leptospirosis. They are essentially the same disease. Both of these conditions are caused by a bacteria called Leptospira, and eventually result in blood infection. This can cause a number of symptoms such as headaches, muscle pains and fevers. There are occasionally other worse symptoms too, such as bleeding from the lungs, and even meningitis. In extreme cases, you may even experience jaundice and kidney failure.

fever with weil‘s disease from rats

This bacteria lives in the bodies of animals like rats. They generally ingest it in the wild, after which it circulates through their blood stream. The bacteria eventually makes its way to the kidneys, and is then passed out through the rats urine. This is most often how humans catch Weil’s disease from rats. And, as you may already know, rats will urinate just about everywhere.

Are there rats in your home, garden or business?

People who come into contact with infected rats’ urine may become ill. For example, if rats urinate over food related items and areas while you’re asleep at night. By morning, this may have dried, meaning you’re often unaware of what has happened. You then eat contaminated food and become infected.

hand washin

Another way infection can happen is when you’re cleaning up after rats. You might touch a urine soaked area and then touch your face. When this happens, the bacteria may enter into your body. This is why it’s critically important to take precautions when dealing with rats. You should always wear gloves, and avoid touching the rats as well as their urine and faeces. You may also want to wear a face mask and should definitely wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

Ultimately, this is why it’s always best to call in a London rat exterminator. Catching Weil’s disease from rats is no joke. This is certainly something you want to avoid like the plague. In any case, rats are also riddled with dozens of other diseases. These can easily be transmitted to humans. Here at Diamond, we have the necessary protective equipment and tools to remove rats safely and sanitise the affected area of your home or business. Why take a risk when you can leave things to the professionals? Call us if you need help on 020 8889 1036, day or night.


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