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wasp in london garden

Top Summer Wasp Nest Facts

We are now in the midst of quite a lovely, hot summer in the UK. That means picnics and long lazy afternoons. It means shorts

common uk spiders

The 10 Most Common UK Spiders

It could be their alien-like eyes, needle-like legs or the sensation of them crawling over you. Whatever triggers it, many people are afraid of spiders.

structural carpenter ants damage

Problems With Carpenter Ants UK

Carpenter ants are a UK pest that is often overlooked, but they shouldn’t be taken lightly. They can cause serious problems for homeowners. With Spring

dust mites picture with text

How To Get Rid Of Dust Mites

One of the most common miniature pests you can find in your home is the dust mite. In the UK allergic reactions are most commonly

cat with fleas scratching

Can Houses Get Fleas Without Pets?

It’s very possible to have fleas in your home, even if you don’t have any pets. Having fleas without pets sounds surprising, but it’s not

winter bed bugs on bed

Can Bed Bugs Survive In Winter?

Bed bugs are horrible creatures that disgust many a homeowner in the UK. A bed bug infestation can grow very quickly if it goes untreated.

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