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wasp facts

10 Incredible Facts About Wasps

Wasps are one of nature’s most fascinating insects. Although they can cause a lot of problems for people when wasps become a pest, they are

mural of wasp on london house

Is That A Queen Wasp In My House?

Have you seen a larger than normal solitary wasp in your home this autumn? Have you thought to yourself, “that’s a massive wasp!” If so, you

aggressive wasp

Why Do Wasps Get Aggressive With Us?

Sometimes, wasps get aggressive and they can seriously harm people. Unfortunately, we routinely hear stories of homeowners who were hospitalised due to wasp attacks. The

wasps nest on london house

Will A Wasps Nest Damage My House?

When you think of household pests, wasps nests may not be something that immediately comes to mind. Most indoor settings are troubled by pests such

do wasps hibernate in houses

Do Wasps Hibernate In Houses?

We’re currently having some of the warmer days of autumn. So, it’s no surprise that we, as pest controllers, get a lot of people asking

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