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Do Schools Need A Pest Control Policy?

Do schools need a pest control policy? This is something that very few people ever consider or think about. In fact, many schools do not have a robust system in place regarding pests. But this something every school should have in place. How concerned about pests should school administrators be?

Should schools have a pest control policy?

What you first have to understand is that no institution is immune to pests. Any type of building, no matter what it is used for, can eventually attract pests. What this means is that all schools should have a pest control policy.

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What you should also understand is that a large part of a school’s job consists of caring for children. Students are under their protection and their health and safety is paramount. Pests can be a serious safety hazard. They are capable of spreading dangerous illnesses such as Weil’s disease. What’s more, some pests may even attack students.

There are a great many examples of this. For instance, children could be stung by wasps or bitten by rodents. Then, you have things like oak processionary moths, which can cause a number of health issues. Another problematic pest is the false widow spider. There has been a massive outbreak of these spiders in schools across the UK in recent years. In fact, many schools have actually been closed at times because of false widow infestations. The bottom line is that pests in schools should never be tolerated.

School meals are something to consider

Most schools have kitchens that serve food. This means that you’re definitely going to have to deal with pest control issues. Any school pest control policy should absolutely include food related pest prevention.

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Pests prefer to avoid human contact as much as possible. With this in mind, you need to realise that because schools are empty during weekends and holidays, this makes them the perfect breeding ground for pests. Schools are often in older buildings that are more likely to house pests. These are simply another two of the many reasons why there is a need for an effective pest control policy in schools.

Make sure you contact with a local pest control company in the event that an infestation or pest sighting does happen. In that situation you’ll want to sort the problem out as fast as possible, before it gets worse or affects the running of the school. There is also the school’s reputation to consider. Ideally, all schools have should have a contract with a pest control company that understands child safe pest control measures such as tamper proof traps.. This will give you access to immediate service and 24 hour priority assistance.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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