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How to get rid of flies in restaurant

How To Get Rid Of Flies In Restaurants

Anyone who runs a restaurant kitchen will know that flies are the bane of your existence. Many frustrated chefs have asked us how to get rid of flies in restaurants, in particular the kitchen areas. While this task is difficult, it’s not impossible. After all, do you think that Michelin 5***** restaurants have flies in their kitchen? No!

How to get rid of flies in restaurants kitchen area

Flies in your kitchen are usually a sign of deeper issues. Something is attracting them. These include things like leaving food out or waste in bins nearby. Something that also attracts flies is rotting food. This is the case whether this food is rotting in bins or stored food has gone off. This can also be something that causes fruit flies.

fly on food

Another reason why you may have flies, is simply because your kitchen is dirty. There could be spills and debris on the floor or in your preparation areas. You may also have dirty cutlery and crockery, or clogged up drains. If you want to know how to get rid of flies in restaurants and their kitchens, here are some ideas.

Start by deep cleaning your kitchen

Make sure food preparation areas are crystal decluttered and clean for pest control in general, especially flies. Also make sure to cover your bins. All bins must have lids and be kept as far away as possible from the kitchen. You should also empty them as often as possible. Keep doors and windows protected with fly nets, and check for cracks and holes where flies can get in. Keep air moving and use powerful extractor fans to disturb the insects. These fans also suck up cooking smells which attract flies, so they are a major benefit.

High and low tech fly prevention methods

If you really want to know how to get rid of flies in restaurants and other eatery kitchen areas, then opt for fly extermination gadgets. These include a variety of electronic zappers. Zappers attract the flies with UV light, then kill them instantly on contact.

Fly zapper in london restaurant

There are also low tech DIY techniques like scented fly ribbons that you can hang from the ceiling of your kitchen. There are also traps that flies can get into but cannot find their way out of. Finally, if you simply want to deter flies, citronella scented products can also work to repel flying insects of all kinds.

When it comes down to it, the most important thing when dealing with flies is early prevention. You have to stop these insects before things get out of hand and turn into an infestation. Reputable pest control companies like Diamond can supply and fit a range of fly controlling equipment. We can work with you to eliminate the immediate problem, then set you up with a fly control and prevention plan. Call us on 020 8889 1036 to book a free inspection.


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