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How We Deal With Your Moth Problem

What can I do when I find that I have moths in my house? This is a question that many people ask us. Most people only realise that they have a moth infestation when they go into their wardrobe, pull out some clothes to wear and find lots of small holes all over the clothing. The larvae of the clothes moth favours materials such as wool, angora and cashmere. Once you find damaged clothes you should also check the edges of carpets especially if they are a wool blend, as the larvae also feed on this material. By this point the infestation has taken hold and you should get a pest control company to effectively treat the problem.

Diamond Pest Control can help you get rid of your moth problem. Our treatment programme consists of three visits, we trace the source of infestation, remove and destroy any infested materials and then apply a residual insecticide to the infested areas.

Whilst it is not difficult to control these moths and the treatment is very effective, it is essential that a thorough treatment be carried out and that every larva is treated. Before any treatment commences the property has to be prepared for treatment and full instructions are given at the time of booking by the surveyor. We carry out two further follow up visits which are carried out at weekly intervals.

If you want to find out more about our moth treatments any of our surveyors will be happy to answer any questions.



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