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business closed for lockdown

Is Business Pest Control Relevant Now?

Is business pest control still needed at during this time of crisis? The answer is yes. Just because we’re in a state of lockdown, that doesn’t mean businesses can forget about pests. Remember, when the cat‘s away the mice come out to play.  

Pests like pigeons can destroy roofs and damage buildings, for example. Rodents can cause fires and flooding. Foxes can take over your outside space, fouling and digging as they make your unattended property their home. For this reason business pest control is absolutely vital during the lockdown.

Business pest control is more important than ever

Of course, there are many reasons why businesses need pest control under normal circumstances. But what about at the moment, when so many retail and wholesale establishments are closed?

shelves in empty warehouse

There a many reasons why this crucial service is highly relevant right now. Apart from anything, †he fact that no one is around means pests don’t have to hide anymore. They can operate unimpeded, and have free reign to harm your business premises. Some business that could be affected include the following.

Closed restaurants

Business pest control is especially important if you’ve left food stocks that attract rodents or other pests in your restaurant. It doesn’t matter how tightly your stock room is locked. Pests have all the time in the world to break in. Remember, rats have extraordinarily sharp teeth, and can eventually tear through anything. And mice can squeeze through the tiniest of spaces. It’s like a thief trying to break into a bank vault without anyone being there to disturb them.

business pest control for closed store

Take pest control for your restaurant premises seriously though. You don’t want to open up and find that your stock has been contaminated by pests. This could wind up costing you a fortune. And on top of the money you’re already losing due to the lockdown, the effects could be devastating. By calling in pest control experts you’ll be saving yourself money in the long run.

Neglected warehouses

If you own or run a warehouse, then business pest control is still critically important. You’re  probably storing goods worth millions of pounds, and these need to be protected. The last thing you want is to open up your warehouse after lockdown and find your goods have been damaged or destroyed. Plus, there’s the fact that you’re more than likely storing goods on behalf of other businesses.

Deserted shops

The same goes for deserted shops. If your shop is locked down, this gives pests time to multiply and run amok. Letting pests run wild means a lot more cleaning work before you can open up again.

One final thing to remember is that that certain pests can cause huge amounts of structural damage. The most important thing to bear in mind is that existing pest issues will only get worse if left un-dealt-with. Pests will breed. And by the time you open up again the situation could be completely out of control.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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