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mural of wasp on london house

Is That A Queen Wasp In My House?

Have you seen a larger than normal solitary wasp in your home this autumn? Have you thought to yourself, “that’s a massive wasp!” If so, you may have been visited by royalty – a queen wasp. They are about twice as big as a regular wasp, but otherwise look mainly the same. Their buzzing sound is also at least twice as loud! In autumn, a queen wasp leaves her nest and goes in search of a place to hibernate through the winter.

Why might a queen wasp come into the house?

When wasp season comes to an end, the queen needs to find somewhere secure, snug and dry. Your home could provide her with that, so she has come to look for a suitable spot in your residence. However, when spring arrives, the queen wasp will want to start a colony and build a nest. You’ll need to be careful about that. Most people don’t want a wasps’ nest indoors, or even on the outside of their building.  They can be dangerous and wasp nests can damage your house too.

queen wasp

In nature, wasps build nests in places like hollows of trees. Wasps are an important part of the ecosystem. They eat a lot of insects, keeping insect numbers down. Many wasps, especially the males, die off in winter. This means the colony starts off rather small in the spring, but grows during the spring and summer months.  

What to do to avoid wasps becoming a problem

Each colony has only one queen, and her job is to lay eggs. When it comes to spring, the queen comes out of hibernation, and looks for a place to start a colony. The queen wasp may not find a suitable spot in nature, so your home provides a good alternative. Undisturbed places, such as lofts and attics, are a favourite. 

queen wasp building a nest

If you have a solitary wasp (whether it’s a queen wasp or not) and you have a safe way to get it off your property, you’ll probably want to do that. If you have a nest, you should call in the professionals. Our London wasp nest removal experts here at Diamond can deal with it safely. Remember that multiple wasp stings can be dangerous, and not something you want to risk for yourself or your family. DIY wasp nest removal is not recommended in any circumstances.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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