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Keeping Pests Out Of Your Office

Most people think that pest control only applies to homes and businesses. What you have to understand is that offices can also become infested with pests. This can quickly become a serious problem. As well as the obvious health risks from disease and contamination, having pests in the office can affect productivity and even affect your mental health. To help you prevent this, here are some tips for keeping pests out of offices.

What attracts pests to your work area?

The main reason why pests are attracted to offices is because people eat in the workplace. When this happens, food debris is left behind, often on the ground. This eventually attracts anything from mice to ants to cockroaches. Then you have issues with dustbins that aren’t emptied frequently enough, and also dirty kitchenettes and microwaves.

mouse in office

Another reason why pests gravitate towards offices is because there are often several places where people seldom go. Many offices have store rooms and stationary cupboards. Rodents and insects are often able to live in these areas undisturbed and can quickly multiply.

What pests also love about offices is that they have ample access to nest materials. Pests like rodents build their nests out of things like cardboard, paper and packaging. Offices are filled to the brim with these items, provides rodents with more than enough to build the nest of their dreams.

Steps to keeping pests out of your office

Ideally, there should be a rule that people only eat in designated areas, and never at their desks. This new pest busting habit helps to minimise food debris. All dirty dishes must be immediately washed and kitchenette areas wiped down. Employees must take food home at the end of the day and not store it in the office.

ant with food

Your office should also be thoroughly vacuumed every day. Ideally you will have cleaning staff who come in at the end of the day. In addition to this, you should go through the office at least once a year and do a deep clean. During this process, be sure to throw away any accumulated clutter that pests could hide behind.

The bottom line is that keeping pests out of your office is really a health and safety issue. What this means is that it isn’t something you can just ignore. Action must be taken immediately if pests are found. Ultimately, all staff members must be conscientious in their habits, as well as keeping their eye out for signs of pest activity. It’s also important that, if they see mice at work or insects anywhere on the premises, they notify management straight away.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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