Moths are a serious pest. The caterpillar (larva) of this moth takes its nourishment from clothing such as woollens, angora, cashmere and furs. The damage they do from feeding can be severe. The larvae are difficult to detect as they shun the light, so you may only find that you have an infestation when you find your damaged clothes or carpets.

Houses with attic spaces may find they have a significant problem because moths can live in the attic undisturbed for long periods of time and can cause significant damage during their life cycle. It can be quite upsetting to find items which may be of value to you with moth damage. You need to act fast and treat a moth infestation quickly.

Our treatment programme for moths usually consists of three visits. Our technician will carry out a thorough inspection of your premises prior to any treatment and assess the level and extent of the infestation.

Treatments consist of tracing the source of infestation, removing and destroying any infested materials and then applying a residual insecticide to infested areas.

Whilst there is no difficulty in controlling these moths, it is essential that a thorough treatment be carried out and that every possible larva development site is treated. Our second and third visits are carried out at weekly intervals after the initial treatment and are exactly the same as the first visit.

Our moth treatment comes with a three month guarantee.

Contact us today and we can arrange for our surveyor to carry out a free survey.

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