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Pest Control And Pets Don’t Mix

Pest control and pets don’t mix well unless you are very careful. This is something very few people think about. But this is especially important if you are using DIY methods. There are plenty of pests that are harmful to pets, however pest control itself can pose a risk if done incorrectly. There are countless stories of pet owners who inadvertently poisoned their animals while trying to exterminate pests. Taking safety around household pets seriously is paramount.

Take care of pets when doing pest control

You need to be especially mindful when using pest control measures around your home. Having pest control and pets in the same house requires extra precautions. For example, you should only place poisons in areas that pets are unable to reach. Even then you need to be super cautious. What most people don’t realise, is that it actually takes a high degree of technical skill to place poisons. This isn’t something you should do yourself. Even products you buy in shops can be difficult and unwieldy to use.

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Pest traps can also be dangerous to pets. Many traps use poisoned bait, and pets will often eat this if it’s accessible. Snaps traps and glue traps are also able to harm pets. Domestic pets will often trigger a snap trap. This can cause serious injuries, especially to smaller pets like cats. The glue used in glue traps is highly toxic as well as sticky. This glue is made to attract pests and has a pleasant taste and odor. This means that your pets will also be attracted to it, and will try to lick the glue strip.

The dangers of pest control around pets

Another danger to pets is if they eat poisoned rats or mice. Once rodents have ingested poison, it sits in their digestive tract. Even though the rodents are dead, this poison can still harm your furry friend. If they eat the rodent, this poison then goes into the body of your pet. And from there it has the potential to kill them. This is especially important to note if you own cats.

pest control and pets

If you’re doing pest control and pets are involved, then your cuddly companions should be removed from the property while it is in progress. This is a basic pest control health and safety rule. No matter what types of pets you own, they should be taken out of the environment until it is safe. Pest treatments can even harm caged pets like hamsters. What’s more, as unlikely as it may sound, certain pest treatments can also harm or even kill aquatic pets.

When it comes to pest control and pets, calling in the exterminator is always a far better alternative. Diamond have the knowledge and experience to treat any kind of infestation safely. Read answers to your most common pest control safety questions to find out more about our approach. We follow guidance from government legislation as well as the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use. We are here to help.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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