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black roof rat in london

Problems With Black Rats In The Roof

The black rats, also known as roof rats, are one of Britain’s most common pest and also one of the most destructive. These pests have been around for thousands of years and date all the way back to the Norman era. These vermin are particularly notorious for causing major property damage.

How do black rats gain access to your home?

The problems black rats cause for property owners is mostly confined to roofs and attic or lofts. There are many advantages to living in these areas. The biggest being that it allow the rats warmth and shelter whilst being able to avoid humans. It also provides them with ample living space.

black rats get into roof

From the roof, black rats can move all round your home at night while you sleep via ceilings and wall cavities, As you can imagine, the average home provides them with ample food and water sources too. Because they can spread diseases, this makes getting some kind of rat control a top priority.

Black rats typically gain access to the roof through drain pipes. They are highly adept at climbing, and can ascend vertical pipes with ease. Once on the roof, they will find some hole or gap to squeeze through and enter into your home. If a suitable hole does not exist, they will simply create one. Another way they get into your roof is by migrating from adjacent properties.

Why black rats are such a nuisance

Once black rats have gained access, the property owner is presented with several issues. To start with, they are extraordinarily messy. This mess includes nest building activities, and also the acts of defecation and urination. Adult rats defecate hundreds of times per day, and this quickly adds up. They also urinate constantly and this stinks to high heaven.

attic in london house

Worse than all this is the damage they cause. Did you know that rats’ teeth never stop growing? This means they have to spend a large part of their day gnawing. This is the only way to keep their teeth filed down, but it also means they attack everything in sight. This includes anything made from wood, brick, plastic, and even metal. Rats are also known to chew through electrical cables and water pipes, which can potentially pose a flire or flooding hazard.

By far the most destructive aspect of rats are their breeding habits. They multiply like wildfire and can be very difficult to get rid of it. This is why homeowners and businesses alike should hire London pest control professionals immediately in the event of black rats. Delaying this allows the problem to fester, and ultimately increases the amount of damage to your property.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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