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Squirrel Control Services in London

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Key facts about squirrels

Deliberately introduced to this country sometime in the 19th century the grey squirrel has since spread throughout most of mainland England and Wales. Mainly a resident of broadleaved and mixed woodlands it is also a common resident of urban parks and gardens.

They frequently enter domestic roof spaces. Once inside they chew woodwork, strip insulation from electrical wiring and water pipes, tear up fibreglass insulation and, occasionally, drown in water tanks.

Squirrels are wild animals that like living in people’s property, and can become a pest if they enter your loft or attic. These animals can cause a lot of damage as they gnaw and chew to sharpen their teeth. This can include electrical wires and water pipes.

Where will you find them?

If you hear what sounds like rats having a party in the attic, then it’s squirrels! Squirrels frequently enter attics and lofts as they are warm and offer protection. Once inside they gnaw through woodwork and they strip insulation from electrical wiring and water pipes to use as nesting material. They can occasionally drown in water tanks causing smells and a hygiene issue.

How do you know if you have squirrels?

The following are signs of squirrels in the house.

  • Strange scampering sounds coming from the loft can be an indication of squirrels in the attic. You will also hear persistent scratching noises.
  • Damaged roof slates are a sign of squirrels. These animals rip up and chew the layer of tiles around vents or your chimney to gain entry into the artic. They can also chew through steel screening or other protective barriers to enter the loft which is a favourite place where squirrels like to nest.
  • Piles of squirrel droppings in the loft are a sign that these animals are active. The presence of a lot of droppings in your attic or garage shows that there are squirrels infesting the property. You need to exercise proper hygiene and cleanliness when handling these faeces due to the risk of salmonella.
  • The presence of squirrel shaped footprints in your attic or garage shows these animals are active in the property. The squirrel has front paw with short four fingers while the hind foot has five fingers. If you observe this print pattern in the area, then you may have a squirrel infestation.
  • A disgusting smell due to their urine and droppings. The foul odour or musty smell may originate from their nest or a pungent odour when a squirrel gets trapped and dies in the attic or chimney.
  • The presence of nests in your loft or attic shows there are squirrels around. You will also notice ruffled or chewed insulation, debris, and leaves, which they use to construct their habitats.
  • You may notice more squirrels than usual running around your garden, roof, fence, or utility lines. These animals will likely have nests nearby.
  • Look out for destruction and squirrel damage in the garden such as small holes in your lawn, eaten plants or chewed bark, and dug up bulbs.
  • Deposits of acorns around the property is another sign of squirrels in your home. These animals store acorn for winter months.
  • You may see water damage on your ceiling and walls. Chewed through water pipes may be causing these marks. Alternatively, it may be a build-up of squirrel urine. The liquid will start to seep through to the ceiling, insulation, and wall, causing stains and peeling wallpaper or paint.

Diamond squirrel control London

How do we control squirrels

If you have not been able to successfully deter squirrels with our tips, we have a very effective squirrel control service in London.

We carry out an intensive baiting treatment using both traps and warfarin based poison. Once the squirrels have been eradicated we block gaps and entry points if possible. Sometimes builders may need to come in to repair the damage done by the squirrels as they can be very destructive.

Our follow up service

Physically blocking gaps and entry holes with wire mesh is the best supporting procedure. Various types of trap are available as is a poison based on Warfarin, but only to professional technicians. Release of grey squirrels caught in cage traps is illegal.

We offer a three month guarantee, should you experience any issues after the treatment is completed.

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