Summer pests

We’ve had a long and cold winter and now that the weather is starting to get warmer we all want to be out in our gardens enjoying the sunshine. It’s also at this time of year that you may start to see ants and wasps. These are not usually a problem but if these insects become a nuisance and stop you enjoying your outdoor space you may need to contact a pest control expert.

Wasps in particular can be a problem, especially if they have built a nest in your garden or roof space. If you see wasps going in and out of a particular hole on a regular basis you may have a nest but bear in mind that you should not attempt to treat a wasp’s nest by yourself as it is likely to be difficult and possibly dangerous. If you call us our surveyors will explain how our treatments work and are happy to answer any questions you may have. We can then arrange for a technician to visit your property and eradicate the pest.

Wasp pest Control

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