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Types Of Fly Pest Control Products

Are you having issues with fly’s in your home, business or restaurant? If this is the case, do not be alarmed. You see, we have access to dozens of fly pest control products and can help you deal with any size infestation. With these products, you can eliminate flies in no time at all with very little effort.

Fly pest control products available today

Some of the best and most effective fly pest control products include the following:

Fly traps

These traps come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common are traps into which the fly can easily enter but not exit. Usually there is some type of bait in the trap which is used to attract the fly.

Fly screen doors

This is a method where you have a door frame fitted with a screen. This screen will prevent flies from entering into your home or business.

fly in a london property

It provides you with the benefits of an open door i.e. you can see through it, but also stops flying insects from getting inside the property.

Restaurant plastic flap curtains

This method is similar to screen doors. The difference is that instead of a screen you have plastic flaps, which help get rid of flies in restaurants and other commercial settings. They allow for faster entry and exit. This is the preferred method if you have a restaurant. The flaps allow restaurant staff to enter and exit through the doorway, but block flies from getting in.

Fly strips

Fly strips are one of the most common fly pest control products. They are basically strips of plastic that you attach to your ceiling. The strips are coated with a material that attracts flies and which is coated with a sticky substance. The fly is attracted to this strip, but after landing is unable to get off and eventually dies.

Electric zappers and killers

The easiest way to get rid of flies is with electronic zappers. These devices use ultraviolet tube lights which attract the insects.

Fly zapper in london restaurant

The light is surrounded by a metal grill which is electrified. As the flies head towards the UV light, they hit the grill and die instantly.  

Glue board fly killers

These are similar to fly strips. The only difference is that you stick them on the walls or other areas where flies tend to land.

Various sorts of repellents

Top of the list in this category are citronella based products which you’ve probably already heard about. These products work for flies as well as mosquitoes. Along with this there are many other repellent fly pest control products which can be used around the affected area.

If you have a problem with flies in your business premises or residential property, Diamond can help. Call us on 020 8889 1036 to book fly control in the London area, or to discuss options for fly pest control products.


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