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When Does Wasp Season End In The UK

Summer is drawing to a close. And there do seem to be fewer wasps around that Before. But if you’re wondering to yourself, “when does wasp season end”, then this post will answer that question. Wasp season isn’t something most people think about. Most people don’t even notice that there is a definite wasp season in the UK.

Wasp behaviour and life cycle

What usually happens, is that once winter arrives, most wasps actually die off. This isn’t because of the cold. Instead, it happens due to the lack of food. Only sexually mated queens will survive during this period, although some queens will die as well. Often this is because spiders kill many of them before they have a chance to go into hibernation. Queen wasps sometimes hibernate in houses.

when does wasp season end

Queen wasps are also affected by warm winters. Strangely enough, they find colder winters easier to survive. The reason some queens don’t make it, is because warm winters cause them to come out of hibernation early. They then die due to the lack of available food.

Once a queen wasp comes out of hibernation, she attempts to set up a colony as quickly as possible. When this is done, she begins to lay eggs. These eggs will hatch into grubs and the queen will hunt for insects and nectar and other things that wasps eat to feed them with. Over time the colony grows, and these grubs develop into adult wasps, who then take over the search for food.

But when does wasp season end?

So when is wasp season…and when does wasp season end? There are no hard and fast cut off dates. However, roughly speaking, wasp season is from the start of March to the end of August. And wasp season ends around the beginning of September and the queens remain dormant until around the end of February.

wasp in london property

Whether it’s wasp season or not, you should never forget that these pests are often dangerous to humans. Their stings hurt like hell and often cause allergic reactions – or worse.

For this reason, you should never attempt to handle any kind of wasp control on your London property by yourself. Always seek the advice of a qualified pest control expert when dealing with wasps. Diamond can handle the problem effortlessly and in a safe way.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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