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squirrels in a loft

Why Are Squirrels Pests In The Loft?

There are many animals we readily perceive as being pests. Rats, wasps, cockroaches and ants are all easily accepted as pests. Some cause damage your property, some steal food and some sting. Some also carry and spread nasty bacterial infections and diseases.

Even though squirrels are a wild animal, they are not often considered to be pests.

In fact, most people think that until they suffer a visit to their home from a squirrel. All the things we love about squirrels when they are out in the wild turn into our worst nightmare. Their usually adorable traits make them a real pest when they infiltrate our homes and gardens. If you remain unconvinced, check out some of the damage they can cause below. And after each point, ask yourself this: are squirrels pests?

Getting Into Your Loft

Squirrels are well-known for their flexibility and acrobatic skills. They are excellent at scaling steep surfaces. They nimbly run across cables and beams, and even take perilously huge leaps. These skills are all well and good – until they use them to break into your home. Houses are like the Holy Grail to a squirrel looking for something to eat and drink. Plus somewhere to find shelter and set up a nest.

are squirrels pests and why

Therefore, if they come across even the smallest of opening in your property – even if it is impossibly high, in the roof, for instance – they will use their skills like a cat burglar. Peeling siding, shingles, uncapped chimneys and damaged vents are some of the other ways they can gain access. What if the opening isn’t big enough? Not a problem, they’ll chew and make it bigger.

Nest Building

Why are squirrels pests during the nesting season? Well, it is when they are making nests that squirrels are particularly damaging. They will take just about anything they can find in your loft or other parts of your property for nest materials. They will literally break things and rip apart your home and belongings to make their nests. This includes fabrics, linens, paper products, insulation and structural components. The more their comfy nests expand and grow, the more your dwelling will deteriorate.

They Chew Through Cables

As squirrels are from the rodent family, their teeth continue to grow. Because of this, they need to keep gnawing and chewing on things to help keep their teeth at manageable lengths.

electrical cables chewed by squirrel

That’s fine when they are in the wild. But when they are in your home, they will chew at just about anything. That includes, unfortunately, cables and wires. This will of course cause immediate damage to the wires and cables. In addition – depending where the squirrels are – this damage could potentially cause electrical fires. Or, at the very least, annoying disruptions.

So…Are Squirrels Loft Pests?

With the above in mind, we’re sure you’re no longer surprised that the answer to the question “are squirrels pests?“ is yes, they are. We know exactly how to deal with the problem of squirrels here at Diamond. Give us a call on 020 8889 1036 for a quote.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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