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Why Overgrown Gardens Hide Rodents

There are many reasons why rodents may invade your home. One of the biggest of these is when you have an overgrown garden. What you have to understand is that overgrown gardens hide rodents, and this in turn presents them with easy opportunities to get into your house. There are a range of factors involved, and several reasons rodents gravitate to unkempt outdoor areas.

Your garden provide rodents with shelter

The biggest reason why messy gardens hide rodents is because it provides them with relative safety. Rodents are continually searching for a safe place to hide and build their nests. Out of control undergrowth is ideal. It gives them a dark place where predators and humans can‘t get at them. Mice and rats can thrive within the cover of an overgrown garden and multiply rapidly. And, once the brood has made themselves comfortable in your outdoor space, they can eventually migrate into your home.

lawn mower

So, what steps can you take to prevent this? First of all, you need to keep your garden neat and tidy. Make sure that grass is routinely mown, and that bushes are regularly trimmed. It’s also important that you remove all refuse and rubbish from the garden. Do not allow large piles of rodent harbouring garden clutter to sit for extended periods of time. This will definitely attract rodents.

You especially want to avoid overgrown bushes that are near to the house, or touching the house. If rats or mice decide to make these areas their home, rodents will end up living against your walls. They will climb up those walls and come in through the windows. These rodents will eventually move into your home.

Gardens hide rodents in other ways too

Another issue with rats living so close to your house is that they soon discover drains, gutters, and holes leading from the exterior to inside. Rodents such as rats will enter drains, and can even end up in your home via the toilet bowl. They have been known to crawl up gutters and end up inside your roof. Then you have mice, which are smaller and able to squeeze through even the smallest hole or crack.

squirrel on tree

Something else you need to watch out for are tree branches that grow close to the house, or overhang your roof. Squirrels can use these branches as a route to get into your home. They climb onto the end of the branch and then drop down onto your roof and enter the attic area. To deter squirrels and prevent this, trees must regularly be trimmed, and no branches should be allowed to grow near the roof.

The bottom line is that overgrown gardens hide rodents of all varieties, be that mice, rats or squirrels. This is why it’s critical that you keep your garden maintained. Unless you do this, you may eventually find yourself with a rodent infestation.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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