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nightmare pest facts

Your 6 Worst Nightmare Pest Facts

Dealing with pests is an absolute headache in any situation. As well as causing damage, they can also invoke revulsion, fear and even sleepless nights. This is not only because pests are disgusting, but also because they can often be downright terrifying. In some cases, they really can be your worst nightmare. Read on for some nightmare pest facts that might shock you.

Spine chilling nightmare pest facts

1. Horrendous diseases

Pests are responsible for spreading hundreds of awful conditions. Some of these are downright horrific. The most famous of these is the bubonic plague, which is still around today in some countries. Then you have things like the Zika and other viruses, and also illnesses with long-term effects, like Lyme disease.

2. Rats in your toilet

Having rats in your toilet is probably the worst of these nightmare pest facts. Everyone knows that rats live in sewers and drains. What this also means, is that they can crawl through the pipes and pop out of your toilet. This makes protecting your property from rats a top priority.

bathroom in a london house

While this may seem like an exaggeration, it happens more often than people think. Even more worrying is the thought of this happening while you’re on the toilet. Rats have also been known to get stuck in pipes, blocking up your waste water system.

3. Fly infestation nightmares

Flies are utterly disgusting. What’s more, they also breed at a furious pace. Kitchens and outdoor bins are a known pest hot spot for fly problems. It’s quite possible to see one fly in your kitchen and then wake up to hundreds. This can be extremely distressing. In addition to this, infestations of flies can often be extremely difficult to get rid of.

4. Multiplying mice

The scary thing about mice is that they can quickly get out of control. The reason why is simply because mice reproduce at a dizzying rate. An interesting one of these nightmare pest facts, is that a single mouse gives birth to 30-60 babies per year.

multiplying mice

Not only that, these youngsters reach sexual maturity in only a matter of a few weeks. What this basically means is that mice can overrun your home in almost no time at all.

5. Wasp nests indoors

Wasps are, in general, panic inducing insects. Think back to the last time a wasp was flying around your head. You were more than likely petrified, or, at the very least, stressed out. Now imagine how scary it is to have a wasp nest inside your home. Wasps are known to make nests in unused rooms. Picture having to live with these insects, knowing they could attack you at any time.  

6. Bed bugs biting

While bed bugs are not a particularly intimidating pest, they do cause extreme misery. This is due to the incredible irritation and suffering caused by their bites. Anyone who has had to live with an infestation will know their bites can cause serious distress. Without proper bed bug control, some people even end up getting rid of their mattresses or other furniture – meaning expensive replacements are necessary.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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