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Why Business Needs Commercial Pest Control

Do you want your workplace to be pest free? Worried about the impact of going without commercial pest control in place, but not sure quite what it could involve?

Without proper pest control, business owners and managers have a lot to lose. Maybe even more than you’ve considered.

So we can help put your mind at ease, here is our infographic with top 10 reasons why your business could benefit from commercial pest control…

diamond commercial pest control infographic

Good Reviews & Ratings

Any business has to maintain certain standards in order to keep a good health rating. Those standards include having a pest free environment. By hiring a pest control service, you are also helping to ensure that your business keeps its customer reviews positive.

Employee Health

While health ratings and reviews are mainly aimed at keeping your customers happy, your employees need to remain healthy too. So, by keeping your London business pest free, you are taking steps to ensure that happens.

Safeguard Your Reputation

People see pests and they immediately want to leave your premises. It doesn’t matter if that business sells food or not. Pests are a sign of a business that doesn’t care about its products, its reputation, its clients, or much of anything. By ensuring a pest free business, you are ensuring that people have a positive view of your business and your brand.

Prevent Property Damage

Pests aren’t just bad for people. While they can be pretty dangerous health wise, pests can be bad for your property too. Pests can weaken building structures, chew holes in furnishing and walls, and stain materials. They can also pose a serious fire and flood hazard due to the fact that they chew through wires and piping.

Stress Free Workplace

Having pests can build up stress in a workplace. Staff will worry about potential health risks and the stress of trying to explain the pests away. You will be stressed about how to address the problem and worry about the consequences.

Commercial Pest Control Is Hard On Your Own

Some businesses try to perform pest control on their own. A good portion of those businesses still get pests because they don’t have the expertise. Commercial pest control is a very difficult task, and because experts spend a good amount of time learning what threats are likely in an industry, they are better equipped to know how best to combat them. The internet is full of myths, so using the internet to  your own pest control can be sketchy. In the wrong hands, pest control chemicals can be dangerous.

Prevention Over Cure

Pest control isn’t just about chemicals, traps and baits. It is also about removing potential sources of the problem, from damp to clutter to food hygiene. Pest experts work with you to educate you on preventing workplace pests. For instance, they can show you ways to prevent them from entering, and help to remove attractants.

Stop Infestations Early

Once a pest problem has taken hold, it is much harder to resolve the situation. This is because pests have a way of becoming entrenched fast. It is better to get help in stopping them before they become a full blown infestation.

Protect Your Revenue

Being closed down by health inspectors following a pest incident can cost your business a fortune. This is not only because you lose trade, but cleaning up after an infestation can be expensive and time consuming too. It can make or break a firm.

Peace Of Mind

While pest control is an essential part of running a successful business, it is often overlooked. However, regular monitoring and treatments give peace of mind. For many businesses, commercial pest control contracts offer a flexible solution due to the fact they work around your schedule.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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