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do landlords pay for pest control
Do Landlords Pay For Pest Control?
Having any kind of pest infestation in your home is incredibly stressful. But when it comes to a rented home,
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pigeon droppings
Pigeon Droppings Health And Safety Risks
Pigeons are an integral part of London, and indeed, British life and culture. Most people just consider them to be
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squirrels in a loft
Why Are Squirrels Pests In The Loft?
There are many animals we readily perceive as being pests. Rats, wasps, cockroaches and ants are all easily accepted as
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ripe fruit bowl
What Causes Fruit Flies In The House
Do you ever find fruit flies in your home and wonder if they came from nowhere? Perhaps you are under
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seagulls are a pest
Summer Pests That Can Drive You Mad
As you are probably aware, the UK is home to various pests during the summer months. Both big and small.
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why are ants in my house
Why Are Ants In My House?
To be perfectly fair to ants, they are incredible creatures. They play a major part in organic and natural recycling
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wasp in london garden
Top Summer Wasp Nest Facts
We are now in the midst of quite a lovely, hot summer in the UK. That means picnics and long
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food pests on salad
Food Pests: Waste And Contamination
No pests are particularly nice. They cause damage or spread disease – or both. The worst kinds of pests, though,
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money in jars
Why Business Needs Commercial Pest Control
Do you want your workplace to be pest free? Worried about the impact of going without commercial pest control in
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outdoor pests ruin picnic
Protect Picnics And BBQs From Outdoor Pests
Ah yes, the good old British summer. If the recent spate of good weather that most of the country has
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