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How To Deter Squirrels: UK Tips

The sight of squirrels frolicking and playing in the local park is quite fun. But seeing them running around your garden and home is different. Grey squirrels are considered a pest – and with good reason. The only effective way to get rid of squirrels once they are a problem is by hiring a professional. However, you can take measures to deter them from your UK home before they become a problem.

If you are looking for tips on how to deter squirrels in the UK, you’ve come to right place.

How to Deter Squirrels from Your Loft

Squirrels can cause a lot of problems in your property if they are allowed entry into your loft. As well as causing structural damage, they can also cause problems with the electricity in your home by gnawing at wiring.

roof on a london terrace

To stop this from happening, some handy ways to deter them from entering your loft in the first place include:

  • Making it difficult for them to get onto your roof

You can do this by ensuring all shrubs and trees are placed at least 5 to 8-feet away from your home. Why that distance? That’s how far the crafty little rodents can jump. If they can’t easily get onto your roof, they can’t easily get into the loft.

  • Making it difficult for them to access your loft

Okay, the above suggestion is all well and good. But what if they can get onto your roof? You can still stop them in their tracks. Regularly check your home for holes and cracks and go about filling any you find.

How to Deter Squirrels From Your Garden

This is actually a lot harder than deterring them from your loft and roof. Grey squirrels are known for their persistence, stubbornness and perseverance.

squirrel in a tree

However, if you are wondering how to deter squirrels and are determined enough, try the following:

  • Remove all food sources

The chances are that squirrels are visiting your garden because they’ve discovered a food source. So, the simple answer would be to remove all food sources. However, we understand that taking away all insects, fungi, vegetables, fruit and nuts from the average domestic garden is not very practical. You could limit the food available, though. For instance, if you feed birds, use special feeders that have been squirrel proofed. You could also cover veg and fruit patches with wire mesh cages.

  • Plant the things squirrels don’t like

There are a plethora of classically beautiful plants that squirrels won’t touch. Some of these are snowdrops, allium, hyacinth and daffodils.

  • Sprinkle some chilli pepper

Along with the plants mentioned above, another thing squirrel don’t like is spicy hot flavours. So, try sprinkling chilli pepper around susceptible plants to ward squirrels off.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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