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how fast do cockroaches spread

How Fast Do Cockroaches Spread?

Whether you are suffering from a cockroach infestation, or are looking to avoid it happening to you, you may be wondering how fast do cockroaches spread?

There are many myths and legends surrounding cockroaches. Such as, they could survive a nuclear blast; they have no natural predators; and they only enter dirty homes.

While those claims are all false, one thing that is true about them, is that they can breed and spread like wildfire.

Is One Cockroach a Sign You’ve Got an Infestation?

If you spot a solitary cockroach scuttling across your floor, does that mean you have a full on invasion? Not exactly. While we’re not suggesting you just welcome your creepy house guest with open arms and introduce him to your neighbours, one cockroach isn’t necessarily a problem. Yet. It is still time to be proactive. Because, when cockroaches start to mate, then you and your household are really in trouble!

cockroaches in london home

So, just keep your house clean and there’s no need to worry about cockroaches, right? Wrong! If only it were the case that only dirty homes attracted cockroaches. Our job as pest control professionals would be a lot easier!

Just How Fast Do Cockroaches Spread?

So, to the question at hand. Exactly how fast do cockroaches spread? Well, if cockroaches get into your property, they can reproduce at staggering rates. Just two cockroaches can reproduce around 400,000 babies over the course of a year. That is, if they have the optimum conditions.

If that number is making you a little itchy under the skin, that’s only part of the problem. Consider the fact that roaches grow to their full adult size in just over a month. It’s easy to see how just one or two cockroaches can turn into a full-blown infestation in record time

Cockroaches are certainly more likely to take up residency in dirty houses. That much is true. However, cockroaches will make themselves at home anywhere there is food, a water source and shelter.

How They Gain Entry and Spread

Cockroaches can sneak in through the smallest opening. Any kind of hole or crack in your house presents an entry point for them. However, that’s just one way in.

cracks are easy access

Roaches-are crafty little insects. They have even been known to hitch a ride into people’s homes. Whether it’s hijacking a shopping bag, or if you inadvertently stand on roach eggs and they become imbedded in the sole of your shoes, there are plenty of ways the cheeky cockroach can get into your home.

If your home is completely clean and tidy, they are far less likely to be interested. However, if it’s clean and tidy, but there are standing water or food sources, they are not going to pass on any opportunity.

Try and avoid finding out the hard way how fast do cockroaches spread. At the first signs of trouble, when you spot that lone cockroach – that should be your wakeup call to action. Contact a professional like Diamond Pest Control before that one becomes a hundred or even thousands.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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