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How To Spot A Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches are a tenacious and invasive pest. Getting rid of them can be really difficult and also time consuming. You see, the biggest problem with exterminating all types of UK cockroaches is that they are highly adverse to human contact. Another issue is that they are nocturnal. This means you will rarely spot these insects, especially during daylight hours. So, what can be done about a cockroach infestation?

As we’re said, destroying a cockroach infestation can be challenging. Due to their skittish nature, you cannot rely on visual sightings of cockroaches. What this means is that you instead have to rely on the signs of cockroaches. Once you’ve confirmed these signs, you can move onto calling in professional cockroach control.

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The signs of a cockroach infestation generally include:

1. Faeces

Cockroach faeces have the appearance of coffee grains. These droppings are about 1mm wide, and may be long or short. The more of these droppings you see, the greater the number of cockroaches. Also, exercise caution when cleaning these droppings up, as they may contain harmful bacteria.

2. Smell

Like many pests, cockroaches have a foul smell. This smell is caused by the pheromones they produce, which are emitted in order to attract other cockroaches. The scent usually manifests as a damp, musky odour.

3. Skin

Cockroaches shed their skin several times during the journey from birth to maturity. Adult cockroaches will then continue to shed skin, wings, and other parts of their body, such as feelers.

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These body parts have a yellowish hue, are usually transparent, and have the fineness of cigarette paper. They will usually be spotted around areas where the cockroaches live and feed, such as kitchen cupboards.

4. Sounds

You wouldn’t expect cockroaches to be noisy, but this isn’t actually true. While they are mostly silent, these pests sometimes make chirping or hissing sounds. This mostly happen at night when these insects are most active.

If you detect these signs over a long period of time, you more than likely have a cockroach infestation. In this case, the easiest solution is to call in a pest control company. You may be tempted to use DIY methods, but these are often ineffective. Cockroaches are extremely hard to kill and robust when it comes to surviving, and you are unlikely to have much luck on your own. A skilled exterminator like Diamond Pest Control use effective methods to remove these pests successfully, and will usually do it in under a day.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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