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Damage squirrels can do to your garden

Damage Squirrels Can Do To Your Garden

Squirrels may seem adorable. And of course – they are very cute. However, they are no fun to have in your garden once they go on the rampage. The damage squirrels can do is immense.

Any gardener who has suffered an infestation of these creatures will already know this.

There are dozens of ways that squirrels can destroy your garden. Here are just a few

They destroy garden furniture and decking

Just like rats, squirrels like to nibble on everything in sight. They especially love to get their teeth into wooden items. If you haven’t managed to deter squirrels with our tips, you may start to notice gnaw marks.

wooden furniture in a london garden

This includes your garden furniture and decking. Over time, this can completely destroy your outdoor seating area.

They steal from bird feeders

If you love birds and have a feeder in your garden, it will attract squirrels. They love the seed and nuts you put out for wildlife. They won’t hesitate to pass up a free meal, and will steal from bird feeders. When the do this, squirrels will also chase away the birds.

They strip the bark off trees

This is an enormous problem in the UK. The grey squirrel is especially fond of stripping the bark from trees. This causes permanent damage to trees – and ring barking can cause the tree to die in some cases.

They rip up lawns and dig up bulbs

Some of the worst damage squirrels can do is to your lawn. You see, squirrels usually bury a supply of food for the winter. For some reason, they prefer to do this under your lawn.

squirrels eat bulbs

If you’re seeing tiny dig holes all over your lawn, this is probably because squirrels are burying their stash of nuts.And if you’re planting bulbs, be especially careful of squirrels. They will dig up any type of bulb and eat it.  

Damage squirrels can do also includes your roof

Squirrels use overhanging trees to get onto your roof. Once they are there, squirrels can build nests in your loft and cause even more damage. The tendency of squirrels in the loft to gnaw on everything may then start to include structural timbers and even electrical wires.

As you can see, cute as they are, the damage squirrels can do is a problem. This is why it’s important that you take care of this issue quickly. Stop thinking of them as sweet and fluffy animals, and understand how destructive they can be.

There’s no reason why you should allow squirrels to live in your garden. If you’re currently dealing with an infestation, our London squirrel control team can help. Do not hesitate to call us on 020 8889 1036 for a free pest inspection.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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