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structural carpenter ants damage

Problems With Carpenter Ants UK

Carpenter ants are a UK pest that is often overlooked, but they shouldn’t be taken lightly. They can cause serious problems for homeowners. With Spring comes an increase in temperature, which means that carpenter ants are on the march and likely to become a big problem for many people.

UK carpenter ants are the one species of ant you don’t want anywhere near your house.

And you definitely don’t want them inside of it.

Common Black Ants Or Carpenter Ants?

When the temperature starts to rise following Winter, a lot of different pests become active and start to breed. And just like other insects, carpenter ant activity is increased at this time of year as they forage for food and water.

image of carpenter ants uk

Many people will shrug off a few ants as being harmless. And in most cases, the culprits are ordinary black ants looking for a sweet treat from your kitchen. A nuisance and unhygienic, but not dangerous to your home the way carpenter ants are.

How To Tell The Difference

Carpenter ants are often black in colour, but they can also be brown or reddish-brown. They are larger than the size of a normal black ant, but come in a variety of sizes. You can tell them apart from most other types of ant by their heart shaped head.

Carpenter Ants UK Facts And Habits

• Carpenter ants make their nests in old, decaying wood. Because they like damp wood, they are normally found living outdoors. However, they sometimes come to nest inside people’s homes.

• Common signs of carpenter ants include small piles of sawdust, dead ant parts lying around, small bore holes and wood damage. You can sometimes hear soft crunching noises.

ant holes and sawdust

• Ants will enter a property in a number of different ways. They are so tiny they can slip through cracks around windows and doors. Carpenter ants UK may also use the eaves of your roof to infest your loft or attic.

• Carpenter ants don’t actually eat wood. Instead they carve out holes in the wood to nest in. This leaves the wood damaged and weak.

Treat Carpenter Ants Fast

DIY treatments for carpenter ants often don’t work. Unless all of the ants in a colony are eliminated, the ants will recolonise and be back in no time. If you have been noticing any kind of ants around your home, you should always act quickly, before the problem gets worse. With carpenter ants, though, there is added urgency. Structural damage to timbers can happen fast, and can be incredibly dangerous.

Calling Diamond out at the first sign of a carpenter ant problem is imperative in order to stop the infestation. Carpenter ant damage can be extensive and is very costly to repair if left untreated for too long. By investing in remedial action from a professional pest control company like Diamond for carpenter ant problems, you will avoid the financial and physical costs these insects can cause to your UK home.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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