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what is a roof rat
People often ask us this question. but exactly what is a roof rat? Very few people know what these types
cat in a garden in london
Pets provide us with endless joy. Unfortunately, much as we humans would wish otherwise, our beloved furry friends can fall
London urban fox
Foxes can be seriously irritating. You may even come to hate them and consider professional fox control once they rip
wasp nest facts and figures
Summer is drawing to a close. And there do seem to be fewer wasps around that Before. But if you’re
With lockdown measures coming to an end, more and more people are returning to work. This is not an easy
holiday pest control
Holiday pest control is critical. This is especially important if you’re travelling overseas. Many foreign countries do not have the
uk insects in heat wave
Over the last few years, the UK has experienced a number of serious heat waves. Whether this is due to
covid pest control solutions
It goes without saying that due to COVID-19 we are now living in different times. Whether we like it or
fly pest control products
Are you having issues with fly’s in your home, business or restaurant? If this is the case, do not be
clothes moth infestation
Are you currently dealing with a clothes moth infestation? If you are, don’t worry. Although these pests may seem impossible
Damage squirrels can do to your garden
Squirrels may seem adorable. And of course - they are very cute. However, they are no fun to have in
Are landlords responsible for mice in the UK?
If your flat is completely infested with mice, then you may be wondering about this. Should your landlord do something
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