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insect on a spring blossom tree
With the warmer weather coming, spring insects are about to hit London in full force. The most common spring insects
urban london foxes fighting
Are you waking up to find holes dug in your garden, or that your dust bin has been raided? These
ong tailed silverfish pest
Silverfish pests are those tiny silver bugs which look almost like fish. These insects are relatively harmless. They do not
Difference Between Mice And Rats
Wondering what the difference between mice and rats is? Many of our customers wonder about this too when they spot
blue tit in london garden
The UK has some serious pigeon problems. This is especially evident in large urban areas like London. There tend to
facts sign
Bed bug experts are responsible for eliminating of a large variety of pests. And while pest extermination can be a
london pest control reviews
If you take the time to read through our latest reviews below you’ll notice one thing. Our customers seem to
cockroaches in london
Cockroaches in London are a major problem. They can plague residential and commercial properties alike. They cause diseases and contamination.
do rats attack humans
Unfortunately, the answer to the question do rats attack humans, is sometimes yes. And the experience is definitely something you’ll
Quality sign
It‘s impossible to avoid pests at home or in the workplace. Pests are an inevitable  part of life in London.
are bed bugs contagious
These creatures tend to spread from home to home like wildfire. And for this reason it might seem as if
mouse eating cheese
Mice may not exactly look like the most dangerous animal. They are much smaller than rats and not nearly as
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