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inter urban fox
In London, urban foxes are a nuisance for homeowners and businesses from the suburbs to the city centre. And while,
one off appointment
You have several options when employing the services of a pest control company. These include one off appointments and a
uk pest control costs
There are dozens of reasons why pests are considered a nuisance. Besides being disgusting and spreading diseases, they can also
new year pest tips
With a New Year just around the corner, now is the time to implement new habits. This should include the
christmas food
12 bed bugs biting No adult or child wants to wake up on Christmas morning with bed bug bites. These
rat on sink
Rats are a massive year round problem both in homes and business settings. Unfortunately, there are certain times of the
drain pest issues
Drains are notoriously unhygienic. The reason why is simple. Dirty water, sewage and food particles all go down into drains.
deter mice from food
Having mice in your house is extremely common in the UK.  And who can blame these creatures for taking up residence? When
ants communicate on plant
Ants live in colonies, and they have a surprisingly sophisticated way of communicating with each other. This is because they
clear out pests
Christmas is the season for relaxing and spending time with friends and family. That being said, a lot of work
squirrels taking refuge
We are often asked by our customers whether squirrels take refuge in homes during the colder months. The unfortunate answer
beams in a london property
One of the biggest issue with pests is that many of them can damage your property. This damage can take
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