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rat numbers rising

Are Rat Numbers Up During The Pandemic?

Rising rat numbers has become one of the biggest pest problems during the Coronavirus outbreak. Across cities and urban areas, rats rely on readily available food sources from businesses. Food waste comes from cafes, restaurants and fast food outlets are obvious ones. But office buildings can also provide a great source of food for rats.

With lockdown being widespread, rat problems have got worse in London. Many businesses have been forced to close. With this move, regular food sources for rats have consequently disappeared. This change in the rats’ environment has led their behaviour to change. They are venturing out further than they did before in order to find new food sources.

Some risks that rising rat numbers pose:

Spread of Disease

One of the biggest risks of a rat population boom is the fact that they can spread diseases. They contaminate any surface they scurry on. They leave behind urine, faeces and saliva – all of which transmit dangerous diseases. Rising rat numbers lead to increased contamination risks.

london restaurant closed

During the Coronavirus outbreak, the National Health Service has been stretched to capacity dealing with coronavirus. All resources have been focused on managing patients suffering from COVID-19. Having a rat infestation can create a serious threat to health. Which is why it’s so important to control the rat population. We don’t want to add pest related illness to the NHS burden.

Rat population growth

Rat numbers can increase fast because they breed quickly. Plus, they are able to adapt quickly to new surroundings. For example, hungry rats have come out during the day around London . Once rats have found a reliable food source, they tend to react to this by breeding even more rapidly than usual. As well as the rats breeding faster, services such as pest control have been limited. This means that their numbers are increasing quicker than people can fend them off.

Contaminating food supplies

All a rat needs to survive is food and water. Once a suitable food source has been found, the rats will nest nearby so they have daily access to what they need.

rats in kitchen

Rats can go on to contaminate any food and surfaces in the general area. Rocketing rat numbers are a huge financial and health risk to any home or business. Make sure you stay protected during the pandemic by calling your local pest controller if you notice the signs of rats. Rats have become poison resistant, so you may need specialists who have the resources to control them.

Rat related damage

Rats are known for the damage they cause to property and products. They have super sharp teeth, which they use to chew through any materials they want to. This biting leads to gnawing damage around your building. If they manage to get get their teeth into any of your wiring, it can even be a fire hazard.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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