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are silverfish harmful to pets

Are Silverfish Harmful To Humans Or Pets?

Have you ever pulled an old book off the shelf – or moved something in the bathroom – and have silverfish dart out? Just the presence of silverfish in your home is less than pleasant.

But it can be even more stressful when you don’t know if they’re harmful.

Are silverfish harmful to you or your pets? Let‘s learn more about these pests, and see what you can do to prevent them.

Can Silverfish Harm You?

Are silverfish harmful to humans if we find them in our homes? There’s currently no evidence that suggests silverfish are poisonous or dangerous to humans. They are also not known to carry any disease causing pathogens.

silverfish are not harmful to humans

That being said, there are certain situations where the answer to the question are silverfish harmful is yes. Some people can be allergic to silverfish. The presence of silverfish in the home can trigger a reaction. Silverfish shed their skin, leaving behind their scales. This is the dust that people can be allergic to.

Are Silverfish Harmful To Pets?

Silverfish have an alarming appearance. However, if your pet swallows one, they are not poisonous. Having said that, it is suggested that you don’t allow pets to do this. Generally speaking, silverfish cause damage to household items rather than causing harm to your pets. So, are silverfish harmful to pets? The answer is not especially.

What Will Silverfish Damage?

It’s great news that your health and the health of your pets is relatively safe from silverfish. However, they do still pose a risk in your home. Silverfish will damage your household items. They stick to a diet made up of carbs and sugar, so things like clothes, wallpaper and books are all at risk from silverfish damage.

Preventing Silverfish

Nobody wants their belongings chewed on by pests. Here are some tips you can use to keep silverfish out of your home.

damp bathrooms attract silverfish

• Take away their food sources – Dry goods like cereals and pet foods should be stored in airtight containers.
• Dehumidify damp rooms – Silverfish love the damp. Removing this moisture will help keep silverfish away.
• Get proper ventilation – If you do have a home prone to damp, make sure it’s properly ventilated. This could be having vents fitted or opening windows and doors.

Getting Rid Of Silverfish

If you are already experiencing a silverfish problem it can be tough to treat them alone. The best thing to do in this situation is call Diamond to consult one of our trained pest controllers. DIY methods aren’t effective against a proper silverfish infestation. Call us on 020 8889 1036 for expert advice.


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