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xes become a pest in london

At What Point Do Foxes Become Pests?

Foxes are a common sight throughout the UK. We live alongside so called “urban foxes” in cities like London. This is simply a fact of life. Love them or hate them, foxes are here to stay. In fact, these animals are classed as wildlife and are not considered pests by most authorities. This makes fox control in London tricky, but not impossible. That being said, in many cases foxes do actually become a nuisance. Here are a few examples of this.

When foxes are a problem on London streets

As a rule, most people enjoy and welcome the sight of foxes. The point where foxes become pests is when they begin to cause problems for humans. The most common scenario is when foxes attack your rubbish. You see, the reason why foxes venture into urban areas is because of the abundance of food. Most of this food is sourced from places like bins.

dustbins outside a london house

Foxes will get into bins that have been left out on the street for the night. They tear apart plastic bags and leave rubbish strewn about the place. Foxes may also come into your back garden and tear apart any bins there too. You then wake up in the morning and have a terrible mess to clean up. If you have a compost bin, foxes may well get into that as well. Although foxes are less active in the winter, they can cause problems during all seasons.

Foxes become pests when they destroy your garden

Foxes will enter your garden for various reasons. Once there, they will often dig holes in your flower beds or lawn in order to find insects and worms. They can also dig holes beneath your fence and cause further damage.

digging in the garden

Something else that irritates Londoners is the noise made by foxes. Believe it or not, these animals can be so loud they keep people awake. If you hear high-pitched “screaming” noises coming from your garden at night, it may well be foxes.

Foxes may also decide that they want to live in your garden. They may construct dens under sheds or in other areas. While this is not especially dangerous, it’s probably something you’d prefer to avoid. Finally, foxes may occasionally worry or even attack small pets.

There are several ways to deter these animals. The easiest is by removing sources of food. Do not put your bins out the night before, leave that job till morning. Also, if you have compost bins, then make sure these are firmly secured. Take time to keep your garden neat and tidy. There are also fox repellent sprays that you can buy. Install things that foxes are afraid of. Setting up motion sensing lights and garden sprinklers will also help to chase these animals away.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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