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winter bed bugs on bed

Can Bed Bugs Survive In Winter?

Bed bugs are horrible creatures that disgust many a homeowner in the UK. A bed bug infestation can grow very quickly if it goes untreated. Professional bed bug control services are important if you have spotted the sings of bed bugs in your home. They can be difficult to notice.

Many people believe that you can get rid of bed bugs by exposing them to cold temperatures for a short period of time.

This is not true. Can bed bugs survive in winter? Yes, they can. Read on to learn more about it.

How Do Bed Bugs Survive The Winter?

Winter temperatures do present a challenge for normal bed bug activity. But they are more than able to survive at this time of year. As long as they have a blood meal, a bed bug will continue to live. The feeding activities for a bed bug usually happen indoors where we’ve got the heating on. They don’t stop spawning even in the winter, causing a big bed bug infestation problem at any time of year.

can bed bugs survive in winter

So what kind of winter temperatures can a bed bug withstand? Bed bugs have been known to live through short-term exposure to temperatures as low as -25 degrees. However, they are not completely resistant to prolonged exposure to cold temperatures. Your home freezer can actually be a good way of getting bed bugs from your clothes and bed sheets.

Keeping Your Items Outside In Winter

It might seem logical that keeping bed bug infested items outside in the winter will get rid of them. After all, freezer space is precious. This is not the case though. You shouldn’t assume the cold outdoor weather in winter will kill off bed bugs. You will never be able to be 100% certain that no are no more bed bugs on your things.

bed bug life cycle imageThe reason why the freezer is a great way to get rid of bed bugs is because the weather fluctuates. Sun and other factors can keep bed bugs warm. Even when it seems bitter outside. They won’t get the exposure to the cold temperatures that are needed to kill them. Continuous freezing temperatures are crucial for killing bed bugs.

Professional Bed Bug Services

Attempting to do some DIY pest control on a bed bug infestation usually results in things getting worse. An experienced professional pest controller like Diamond Pest Control is always the best solution. If you are struggling with a bed bug problem in your home, don’t expose your items to the freezing winter cold. Call our team today.


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