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mural of wasp on london house

Is That A Queen Wasp In My House?

Have you seen a larger than normal solitary wasp in your home this autumn? Have you thought to yourself, “that’s a massive wasp!” If so, you

prevent lymes disease tick

Avoid Ticks To Prevent Lyme’s Disease

Lyme’s disease is a deeply unpleasant illness. This common condition can cause problems like rashes, flu-like symptoms, joint pain, and weakness. It is primarily spread

aggressive wasp

Why Do Wasps Get Aggressive With Us?

Sometimes, wasps get aggressive and they can seriously harm people. Unfortunately, we routinely hear stories of homeowners who were hospitalised due to wasp attacks. The

oak tree with acords

Are Oak Processionary Moths Back?

Oak processionary moths are a serious problem in London and the UK. These pests can cause health problems and have actually been declared a public

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