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what is a roof rat

Factoids: What Is A Roof Rat?

People often ask us this question. but exactly what is a roof rat? Very few people know what these types of rats are. If you are searching online for this term, it’s probably because you’ve heard noises in your roof. You’ve probably also come to the conclusion that this noise is caused by rats.

So what is a roof rat? This is basically a name given to black rats. And, unfortunately, they can pose as big a danger as brown rats. The reason why they are such a problem is because, as the name implies, they mostly live in your roof. There is a serious need for rat control measures if you have this rodent on your London property.

What is a roof rat and why are they so dangerous?

These rats are completely different to the brown rats you might usually see. Apart from their colour, the main difference between these rodents is their size. Brown rats are larger while black rats, which are about half their size. That being said, these size differences are deceiving.

black rat vs brown rat

Although the black rat is smaller, it can move faster and is far more agile. This makes it more difficult to get rid of. Black rats also have a far greater sense of touch, smell and taste. What’s more, their hearing has developed to the point where they can even detect ultrasound frequencies.

What is a roof rat? The answer is a genuine threat to your property. As the London rat problem gets worse, black and brown rats both continue to pose a risk to your home. These rodents most often live in roofs. Your roof gives them a place where they can shelter without being disturbed. Problem is, they cause thousands of pounds of damage to your roof. A rats teeth never stop growing. This means they have to constantly gnaw on something, which is why they end up damaging your roof.

Roof rats should be removed quickly

The important thing you need to understand about black rats, is that they are far more vicious than brown rats. These creatures are the apex predators of the rodent world – and should be taken seriously. It is uncommon for rats to attack humans, but it is not unheard of.

black roof rat in london

They are incredibly tough, and can be extremely difficult to get rid of. These rats are hardy, multiply quickly and have a high level of resistance to poison. Another interesting fact is that these are the rats that brought the black plague to Europe.

Now you know what is a roof rat, you need to act fast. They are a health hazard. You should always call in a professional exterminator when dealing with these rodents. Don’t let this problem fester. Get rid of them as quickly as you can. Here at Diamond, we have the tools needed to deal with these pests safely and effectively, and can easily remedy the situation.


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