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a fox deterred from garden

How To Deter Foxes From Your Garden

Living in London means that having foxes in your garden is a regular occurrence. Whilst they may look cute, a fox can cause some serious damage.

This damage ranges from ruining garden furniture to harming your outdoor caged animals.

If you want some great advice on how to deter foxes from your garden, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Are Foxes Visiting Your Garden?

Like most other pests, foxes will visit your garden looking for food. They want to survive, and your bin is a 5-star restaurant to them. You may already have thought of some ways to deter foxes from getting into your rubbish. Such as pitting it out on the morning of bin collection day, or getting clip lock style bins.

fox proof rubebish bin

There are a number of different ways to deter foxes from your garden as a whole. Knowing that they love dark, secluded places and are scared of loud noises should start to give you some ideas.

Easy Ways To Deter Foxes From Your Garden

Read on to find out some useful fox deterrents…

Block entrance ways

Don’t let foxes into your garden. They can squeeze through small holes in fencing, so ensure that there’s no room for them to slide in. A high-quality fence will help to prevent foxes from coming into your garden.

Installing wall spikes

Completely humane, wall spikes will stop foxes from jumping over your garden walls. Foxes will try to find any way in that they can. Putting spikes on top of fences and walls ensures will deter foxes from your garden as they can’t go up and over.

Surprise sprinkling

An automatic sprinkler is a great device that keeps unwanted foxes out of the garden.

sprinkler on fox in london garden

The sprinkler will be activated by a motion sensor which then squirts water at the intruder, scaring the fox away.

Keep the garden tidy

A fox will definitely want a place to hide away and start a family. Much like other pests, they want somewhere safe to call their home. Keeping your garden clean, tidy and free from hiding spaces not only deters foxes. I will keep out a whole host of other pests as well.

Don’t feed pets outdoors

Pet food is a huge attractor for foxes. Cat and dog food are especially potent to them. If you have pets, avoid feeding them outdoors to stop foxes entering your garden and stealing their food.

Install garden lights – Foxes hate lights. Just like the sprinklers, a motion activated light will put foxes off your garden for good.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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