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moisture attracting pests

Is Moisture Attracting Pests In Your Home ?

There are dozens of reasons why pests are attracted into homes. These range from things like the availability of food, to living space, warmth and building materials for nests. Something else that often attracts pests is moisture. The reason for this is simple.

All living creatures need water to survive. Some pests, particularly insects, also prefer to live in damp, humid environments. Another reason why this moisture often draws pests to your building is because they use it to breed. Many insects lay their eggs in water. But what else should you know about the issues surrounding moisture attracting pests?

The source of the moisture and can it be prevented?

The first thing you need to do if there is moisture attracting pests to parts of your home, is to investigate the sources. This most often includes things such as dripping taps and leaking pipes.

leaky tap attracts pests

Another place where moisture can enter is though gaps in your roof or walls. Bathrooms are also an obvious source of moisture. If your bathroom is improperly ventilated, then moisture will accumulate from baths and showers.

There may also be groundwater seeping up and entering into your home. Also, if you live by the sea, there may be a great deal of moisture in the air. While this is not as serious as moisture in the building, it may also be attracting pests.

What types of pest are attracted by moisture?

Basically, most insects that people consider to be a pest will gravitate towards moisture. That being said, some are more attracted by moisture than others. A good example of this are silverfish. These pests need to keep their bodies moist or they will dry out. This means they have to live in warm, humid and moist environments. Then you have all types of cockroaches, which also love wet environments.

Advantages of preventing moisture accumulating

Ultimately, you should avoid the presence of too much wetness in your property. This can create many more problems than the moisture attracting pests. This can include things like rotting wood, and also mould and damp – all of which can eventually cause serious problems. This means you need to assess if moisture is a problem and then deal with it quickly.

wet bathroom in london home

There are many things you can do. To start with, if there is moisture attracting pests to your home, then you may want to hire a pest control to carry out an inspection and eliminate any infestations. Diamond Pest Control can give you a free quote for that and be with you in no time.

Next, all leaking pipes and taps must be immediately fixed. Ensure there is adequate ventilation in your bathroom. Also check that you do not have a damage to your roof or holes in it. You could also consider getting a building professional to survey the building and look for things that you might have missed. This might sound like a hassle, but it helps to maintain your building in the long run. It also has the nice side effect of preventing pests from being attracted into the property.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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