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london garden overrun with ants

Is Your Garden Overrun With Ants?

Ants don’t seem like they should be a problem. After all, these insects can provide you with many benefits. They control pests in the garden and help to pollinate plants. Plus, they help plants to grow by aerating the soil and provide the green foliage with essential nutrients and water. But is your garden overrun with ants? If so, this can become a real issue, and you may need to do some ant control for your London property. Especially when their numbers get to the point of becoming an infestation.

The main reason ants are attracted to your garden is the nectar found in plants and flowers. They are also attracted by aphids and other insects. Ants eat these insects, which you would think would keep insect numbers down.

A garden overrun with ants spells trouble

A garden overrun with ants will also damage your lawn. Ants’ nests result in unsightly mounds being pushed up into your lawned areas. And, as well as a bumpy lawn, ants create barren patches with their nests. As well as looking horrible, this will encourage weeds to grow. 

ant hill on lawn

One problem ants cause, is linked to their complex relationship with the aforementioned aphids. Ants love sugar and aphids naturally produce a type of sugary substance. To harvest this substance, the ants “farm” these insects in order to milk them. They create their mini farms by protecting aphids from other predators. What this means, is that more ants lead to more aphids. And a garden overrun with aphids can result in the destruction of many of your plants.

Unfortunately it doesn’t end there. Ants also like to eat buds ,and this can kill your flowers. Plus, they can harm your plants‘ root system if their colony is nesting nearby.

Ants in the garden can end up indoors

Ants can also be a problem if you’re growing your own vegetables. Or cutting flowers to decorate your home. The last thing you want is ants crawling all over the produce that you are bringing indoors

ants crawling on hand

The fact is that once you have a garden overrun by ants, It’s only a matter of time until they are in your house! You may have wondered why there are ants in your house. Ant colonies are always expanding and eventually they could come into the property itself. The lure of sweet kitchen smells will signal an easy meal. And, while it’s not impossible, getting rid of ants can be difficult once they are inside your home.

Finally, as if all this were not enough, some ants can bite. Species such as red ants can produce painful welts. Trying to do some relaxing gardening with ants crawling on you can become extremely irritating in more ways than one.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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