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Pest Proofing Hygiene Tips That Work Best

There are very few instances in life where you will feel as uncomfortable and unclean within your own home than when discovering you have a pest infestation. You need pest proofing methods that really work.

You are right, in a way, to feel this way about pests that invade your home. Many of them pose serious health risks for you and your family. And even if they don’t, they can leave it in a right royal mess.

You don’t need to suffer the consequences of unwelcome guests. There are various pest proofing methods available. There are actually so many it could be difficult deciding on the best ones. Which is why we have highlighted some of the most effective here.

Hygienic Pest Proofing Methods

By far the easiest pest proofing methods are those that making your home a less inviting environment for would-be invaders. The majority of pests are searching for places where they can get lots of delicious food and drink. Plus somewhere to nest and breed. Some tips to make your home a less inviting place include:

cleaning a london house
  • Wipe down all your counter tops before and after you start your food preparation. Then do the same with the table when you eat.
  • Place any food you need to dispose of straight into a bin. Better still, put them in either a paper bag or sandwich bag.
  • Do the washing up immediately following a meal, and after using pots and pans for cooking.
  • Flooring, tables, worktops and other surfaces should be free from crumbs and food smears before heading to bed at night.
  • Set a cleaning routine in place and continue to work it daily. Be sure to get behind your bigger electrical appliances in the kitchen too.
  • Always put food and ingredients in air tight containers once the packet, jar or tin has been opened.
  • Don’t neglect your bathroom, as an unclean bathroom could also potentially attract unwanted pests too.
pest control methods like hoovering

We’ve spent a lot of this post discussing hygienic pest proofing. The reason being, when good and basic hygiene is ignored, any other pest proofing methods you employ in your home will be in vain.

Identify and Fix Potential Weaknesses in Your Home

After putting your hygiene measures in place, other effective pest proofing methods include assessing your home for any signs of weak spots where unwanted guests could gain access.

Think about the size of pests. Even the smallest little crack or gap in the external walls could be all a mouse or other creature needs to gain access to your home.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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