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Proper Bed Bug Mattress Disposal

When you have a bed bug infestation, it’s absolutely vital that you carry out proper bed bug mattress disposal. The fact is, that bed bugs are mainly spread by humans. They travel on items that you own. These include clothing, luggage, and also bedding and mattresses.

If you are a consciousness person you will dispose of your bed bug infested mattress in a responsible way.

You will want to prevent other people from having to go what you’ve been through with bed bugs. No matter what the original cause of bed bugs in your home, if you’ve been plagued by these pests, you’ll want to take the time and effort to do this to protect yourself too.

How to do correct bed bug mattress disposal

So, how do you undertake proper bed bug mattress disposal? There are several steps you should take to get rid of an infested mattress.

Make sure no one else takes the mattress

The first step of bed bug mattress disposal is to destroy the mattress as much as you possibly can. This can include slashing it or marking it in some way. It will help to prevent people from thinking it’s a free mattress. And stop them subsequently being infested by the bed bugs.

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Our next expert bed bug tip is simple. To prevent the spread of insects from the mattress, you can also put it in sealed casing. Try to find a large piece of plastic that you can thoroughly wrap the mattress in. Or buy a dedicated case that is created and sold for the purpose of sealed mattress covering.

Another step you can take in your bed bug mattress disposal is to pin a big warning sign on it. You can write something like, “Warning bed bugs!” and hopefully this should put people off.

Schedule collection with refuse collection carefully

Ultimately, the best thing to do would be to get someone to professionally dispose of the mattress. This way you can be absolutely sure that it ends up in the dump instead of someone’s bedroom. If you’re going to leave it for the bin men, then put it out just as they arrive. Don’t leave it on the pavement overnight, or else someone might pick it up.

bed bug mattress disposal

Think about your community and don’t fly tip or leave the mattress in the middle of nowhere. When you take the mattress outside, be sure to kill any visible bed bugs. If you leave the mattress outside without doing so, bed bugs may end up crawling off and infesting neighbours or passers-by.

The final step is to contact bed bug control in London. Here at Diamond, we can offer a full and thorough bed bug treatment for your whole house if necessary. We use heat treatments too, meaning our service is better for the environment as well as your family.

Many thanks to the photographer for the use of our featured image on this post. “Parts of a bed, St Aubyn’s Road, Upper Norwood, South London“ is © Copyright Robin Stott.


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