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uk spider invasion

Reasons for Autumn‘s UK Spider Invasion

Have you noticed every autumn there is an alarming number of spiders in your home? Okay, this may only be alarming if you’re not a fan of these hairy little eight-legged creatures.

Many people have serious phobias. So, alarming seems like the best way to describe it.

Why does there always seem to be a UK spider invasion at this time of year? Why do they choose your house?

If you’re worried that it may be because they are finding a way into your home to deliberate scare you, think again. The real reasons why there is a surge of those ugly, big and hairy spiders running around your house are far more…interesting?

They Don’t Come From Outside

That’s right, they don’t search for ways to get inside your home. The UK spider invasion involves spiders that are already in your home.

Those spiders you see scuttling across the carpet as you’re trying to enjoy your dinner, or some Netflix are male house spiders that were born and bred in your home during springtime.

house spider

They’ve been waiting around, hiding in the dark, eating and preparing themselves to pounce. Don’t worry – not on you!

UK Spider Invasion – Why?

In fact, it’s fair to say that like most male animals, those big house spiders are only after one thing. A female to sire some offspring with. They tend to be more mobile than their female counterparts, who are decidedly more sedentary.

Why Do They Like Our Homes So Much?

Another reason why they tend to stay in our homes is because of the ideal indoor climate. They crave the warmth and dry environment of our homes.

cosy autumn home

You are unlikely to see them out and about creating webs in the garden. This is because the house spiders we have all come into contact with at some point, are actually descended from North African and Mediterranean species. This is why t

There are some huge ones that may be lurking in your garden, but there’s no need to worry about those. Those big garden spiders don’t want to come in your house. They are happy to stay out in the cool breeze of the British autumn.

So, next time you are wondering why there seems to be a UK spider invasion during autumn, you‘ll know why. If you come across them, remember they are not out for your blood, but are looking for a cold-blooded mate.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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