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Steps To Keeping A Rat Proof Garden

When people think of a rat infestation, they generally imagine this as an indoor problem. But what many people don’t realise is that rats can also be a huge problem in the garden as well. You may get rats under decking or living in the garden shed. In fact, rats will often take up residence in your garden and then eventually migrate into the house. One important step toward keeping rats out of your house then, is to keep rats out of your garden in the first place. So how do you keep a rat proof garden?

Cultivate a rat proof garden all year round

The key to a rat proof garden is to eliminate anywhere that the rats can nest or hide. To do this here are a few of our expert rat control tips.

Cut back hedges and shrubs

Rats like to hide in overgrown hedges and shrubs. These places provide even more cover than lawns. Unfortunately, hedges and shrubs will always be a favourite hideout for rats. But what you can do is keep these trimmed back as much as possible.

trim hedge stops rats

Keep your grass mown

Rats also love to live in long overgrown lawns. They also love the nest building material that long lawns provide. To prevent this, your grass must be kept short. The basic rule of thumb is that your lawn should not be so long that it obscures the movement of small rodents.

Clear out garden clutter

The biggest tip for a rat proof garden is to remove all clutter. Garden clutter attracts rats more than anything else. They can live undisturbed amongst clutter for years, and do this without anyone knowing.

Get a cat

Cats are natural predators of rats and the perfect tool for a rat proof garden. The cat will regard your garden as its territory and quickly see off any rats that dare to enter.

cat for rat proof garden

Avoid leaving pet food out

Pet food provides an ample source of nutrition for pests. To stop rats getting at this food, pet bowls should never be left out with food in them. Take in bowls after your pet has eaten, and also make sure to wash them.

Erect a sturdy perimeter fence

Rats often get into your garden by entering through your fence. To stop this, you need to erect a sturdy perimeter fence. Residential fences can made be of robust wood or a composite material. Commercial fences should ideally made out of concrete or steel, as this prevents rats from gnawing their way through. Also, make sure the fence has no small gaps, and that it extends below the earth to prevent rats from burrowing beneath it.

If none of these rat control measures work, or you already have an infestation, we can help. Our experienced London pest control team can get rid of rats in no time. Call Diamond today for more information and a quote.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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