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The Psychological Effects Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the worst pests you will ever encounter. These pests have plagued mankind for thousands of years, and there are many causes of bed bugs. Bed bugs create all sorts of problems. This not only includes the physical effects of bed bugs bites, it also includes a great deal of mental misery too. In this post we will look at examples of the psychological effects of bed bugs.

Bed bugs take a heavy toll on peace of mind

First of all, bed bugs may cause an immense amount of stress. Any bed bug expert will tell you they hear this from customers all the time. This is a serious problem and can drive you completely up the wall with worry. This stress usually centres around your family. Bed bugs cause significant pain and suffering for your family members, especially if you have young children. This can leave you tearing your hair out with stress.

psychological effects of bed bugs

Another problem with bed bugs is that they can be extremely difficult to get rid of. In fact, it may even seem as if these bugs are impossible to get rid of. You may feel as if you’ll have to live with the discomfort of bed bugs forever. This can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety.

But one of the biggest psychological effects of bed bugs is their bites. If you’ve dealt with these bugs, you’ll know their bites are unbelievably itchy. Anyone who is bitten has no peace at all. You’re in a constant state of irritation, and the desire to rub yourself raw is profound.

They cause feelings of contamination and disgust

You end up feeling like a filthy, dirty person. Almost as if you’re someone who has no personal hygiene at all. You can add to this the feelings of embarrassment that bed bugs bring about. The last thing you want is people in your home, especially overnight visitors. You’ll have to constantly worry about them being bitten, and what they’ll think of you if they are. The feelings of shame and social isolation compound the other psychological effects of bed bugs.

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Another one of the psychological effects of bed bugs is an inability to relax. You end up lying there at night anticipating their bites, terrified to fall asleep. What’s more, the itchy bites themselves make it extremely difficult to sleep at night. The mental effects of sleep deprivation then further compounds the whole issue.

The bottom line is that problems with bed bugs include far more than their physical bites. But there is good news. This isn’t something you have to deal with on your own. Professional exterminators can handle this problem in a matter of hours. A professional bed bug treatment a trusted local specialist like Diamond can utterly destroy bed bugs and get things back to normal in no time at all. Call us today for more information.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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